Monday, January 4, 2016

Have I Mentioned that God's Just Great?

From June 15, 2015

Hola a todos!!!! Que estén bien!

SOOOO amazing to see all of the blessings you guys are receiving! I feel like Alma when he sees all of his friends on his mission and he just faints from the joy of seeing them living righteously and being so blessed in the gospel!!! 

Not gonna lie I cried when I saw Grandpa with Jonah! I had forgotten that it's his first great grandchild! How sweet! 

Wow so this week was a little interesting. So Sally (our investigator who had a baptismal date) came to a ward activity on Saturday with her youngest son! And I actually had a blast because he was super timid so I told him that I would play soccer with him with the other kids(even though I kind of suck at it...) and he ended up opening up and really enjoying himself:) But unfortunately Sally didn't make it on Sunday to church...  but we are working with her! 

And some great news I don't remember if I've mentioned them but we are teaching a mom (Karen) and her son (Brandon) and we invited them to be baptized yesterday and they said yes! Like without hesitation! It was pretty awesome! Heavenly Father just continues to bless us continually throughout all the pain and hard work, we get sooooo blessed! 

Also my companion and I are working really hard to help strengthen our ward because the Relief Society is pretty much a MESS. Hahaha and we have had two investigators come to RS on Sunday and both of those times there were fights during the class... so my companion and I got to give part of the class yesterday and we split them up in groups to answer questions and then gave them chocolate hoping that that helped them even a little to feel a bit more love and unity. But I love the work we can do within the ward and with our investigators too. I feel like that is going to help me a ton in the future and I feel such a great love for the members here, they're awesome... well just not with one another bahahahaha. 

I LOVE this work and I LOVE all of you. Never have I been SO blessed, nor so pushed to my limit. I feel ten times stronger and firmer every day! This IS the gospel of Jesus Christ restored on the earth. I KNOW it. And I know that God knows it. And I WILL NOT deny it. He lives. He loves YOU. And He has this marvelous plan so that each of His children can live with Him again! I testify that He speaks to us through living prophets who have the authority to speak in His name. I KNOW it. And I invite you to do the same.

"Ask and ye shall receive..."

Until next week, with all my love,
Hna Logan

We had our last conference with our Mission president because he and his wife are ending their mission at the end of this month y I got to see my old companion:) Hna Mayorga

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