Monday, January 4, 2016

Más Milagros Veremos

From September 28, 2015


Now that I don't have food poisoning everything is wonderful! Hahhaah. Okay so this week has been full of miracles:) One of our converts friends wants to be baptized and she is going to be baptized Oct 10th! She's a 9 year-old girl who is just adorable and she's super smart and I love her! 

Also. we are seeing a lot of progress with Carlos. He ALMOST accepted a baptismal date but he just wants to be more sure. But the members are befriending him a lot more and I feel like for General Conference he'll be able to recieve an answer. I mean you can put your money on the prophet! :) 

I'm super stoked for GENERAL CONFERENCE! It makes me really sad to think this is my last conference in the mission but I LOVE General Conference so I can't wait! Also did you guys know that the last time they called three apostles in a General Conference was in 1906! So I think its going to be crazy! But the work of the Lord will not be stopped! 

Well here I am learning and growing, living up the little time I have left! 

I'm putting some pictures of the last couple of weeks because last week I didn't send much, lol

Love you all a ton! 

Hasta Luego con todo mi amor,
Hna Logan

These pictures is when our Mission President came to check our house and we had interviews with him too. We made the assistants brownies and they were super happy, lol. 

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