Monday, January 4, 2016

El Evangelio Restaurado

From July 20, 2015

Hola seres queridos!

So this week was a pretty great experience! First of all there is a recent convert family that we are teaching in our area, they have been members for just over a year and on last friday they were able to go through the temple and be sealed as a family! Obviously we couldn't go to the temple with them but they showed us their pictures and on sunday the dad bore his testimony of the experience. He said that he was very grateful to us and the ward for helping him and his family reach this goal. He said yes, maybe our sector is slow when it comes to baptisms (because our last baptism was in september) but that we helped one family become eternal! It was the sweetest thing! He even gifted me his pink card that shows you received your endowments and to my comp he gave her the paper that shows they were sealed as a family:) SO sweet! I love this gospel and ESPECIALLY THE TEMPLE! ITs the best place in the world! The literal house of God on the earth! 

Also, got to meet my new mission president, Prez Diaz. He and his wife are pretty awesome! It was a very spiritual experience and I felt a lot of love from him and his wife the whole time! He shared with us that we can teach in the best form with all five senses covered so that our investigators learn, but if we don't teach with the spirit, they aren't going to be edified. They aren't going to be able to "hear the music". And one of the assistants shared how the "First vision" is sooo powerful and meaningful that it can change a persons life in just ONE minute. And he had everyone of us share the first vision (we're talking of about 25 missionaries in a row saying the same thing) but it was soo powerful! The spirit really retestified to me the experience I had in the sacred grove and how that ONE moment changed the world forEVER. And it continues to change people's lives today. 

I am SO grateful for this gospel that lets us know that the great apostasy is FINALLY over! That we can be spiritually enlightened with the priesthood guiding us every day! That God still continues to talk to mankind today, to you. That now we have the complete and full church of Jesus Christ in our day. I KNOW it. I know that the Book of Mormon is the evidence of that. And actually we went to visit a less active the other day and he started telling us that he is listening to the Jehova's witnesses because the bible says that man cannot see god and all that and so basically Joseph Smith never saw him. And usually I dont like to fight with people or cause contention so I just close my mouth and pray for patience. But this week I was studying about Nephi and Lehi the sons of Helaman and how they taught with power and authority. And how we have power and authority as missionaries. So this time as he started talking I felt the spirit (like that pounding in your chest) and so I asked him if he had asked God about it. He said no and started talking about the Bible and whatnot so I just started testifying (even though he kept talking, lol) of how I knew that Joseph Smith saw God the father and His son Jesus Christ. And I invited him over and over AND over to ask God because He is the only person who can tell you the TRUTH. The absolute TRUTH. And finally a bit frustrated he said, "Fine, I'll ask God tonight!" And then shoo'd us away. But I just felt so proud and grateful for this power and authority we are given to testify of the truth. That no man can deny or conquer or fight. It was a VERY powerful experience for me and I have never been so sure and convinced that Joseph Smith SAW God and Jesus Christ. I KNOW it. And I challenge you to ask God so you can know it, too. He WILL answer your prayer! As He answered mine!

So funny story: My comp and I were just walking along at night to our house and my comp starts to slip and almost ate it. So after stabling her we both look down and the cause of her fall was a good 'ole fashioned BANANA PEEL. I felt like I was in Mario Kart or something! I literally almost peed my pants I was laughing sooo hard! I just couldn't believe it! Bahahahaha. By far one of the greatest moments! Well hope at least someone found that to be funny... lol. 

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