Monday, January 4, 2016

Las Últimos Seis Semanas han Llegado

From December 7, 2015 

Well I'm not sure wether to laugh or to cry... I pass by so many emotions sometimes I think I'm bipolar hahahaha. 

Okay so my new companion is Hna Moreno. She is from Chubut, Argentina. We actually know each other from when I was in my first sector (La Serena) because she arrived at the same time as the hermana that I trained (Hna De La Torre) but she was in Coquimbo which is next door to La Serena and when we had a conference with President they always had coquimbo and La Serena together. I was also in a trio with her with my comp Hna Mayorga while Hna Moreno was waiting for her new comp to arrive. Crazy, huh? 

I mean we dont know each other very well yet, but she's pretty much the opposite of my last comp ahahaha. So it's been interesting but all good:) 

So I am sending a few pics of our last district meeting which was pretty funny because we have pics of when one of the cameras fell down and the picture is priceless. Everyone's faces as the camera was falling... but anyways it was a "Kodak Moment" 

And next week I'm going to send pics with my new comp and everything! But I'm just enjoying my last transfer! Weird... but the mission is just wonderful!  I have grown super close to my Savior and I need His Atonement EVERY DAY and He is always there! 

I love you all soo much and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Hasta luego,
Hna Logan

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