Monday, January 4, 2016

El Plan Perfecto

From June 22, 2015

Hola todos!!!! 

Sooo.. this week Brandon and Karen didnt come to church:(((( And neither did susana which is another investigator that we found. So my companion and I are working on how we can improve so that we can help these people can progress. Its been a bit harder this week becuase its the "American Cup" or "Copa America" here which is soccer. And soccer here is a pretty HUGE deal hahahaha. NO ONE is outside and NO ONE answers their door. Lol. Only in south America. But we know that this week we are going to see miracles:)                     

So just thought I'd share that yesterday we got to eat MEXICAN FOOD! One sister made us tacos and a strawberry smoothie and I WAS LITERALLY  IN HEAVEN. I think I literally died hahaha. 

Well we are teaching these converts who will complete one year as members in July and are going to get sealed in July. But on saturday the father of the wife in this family passed away:( But what I loved seeing was their reaction. She said that even though she cried and it makes her sad, she knows where he is, that he's doing better. That she's going to see him again and be able to do his temple work for him:) And I got to share my experience with grandma with them. And I loved that this gospel is sooooo true. Even though its sad when people that we love pass away... we know exactly where and how they are and that we will see them again. The plan of salvation is the greatest part of the gospel. I testify that it is true. I love that converts as of only one year can experience something so sweet. To not be angry or bitter or depressed when someone dies for the testimony of the wonderful plan God has for us. I think its the most beautiful thing to have. I KNOW its true. I KNOW where my loved ones are. I KNOW that I will see them again. This plan is PERFECT. Because God is perfect. And He loves us SO much that He made such a perfect plan. This gospel is true. I so testify as His representative. In the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.   

I love each of you with all my heart! 
Until next week,
Hna Logan    

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