Monday, January 4, 2016

Todos Tenemos Debilidades

From August 24, 2015

Hola mis seres queridos!!!!!!!!
les doy muchísimo amor a todos!!!!!!!
And Ellen hugs for everyone!!! oooooooo

Well this week was pretty interesting. Do you guys remember that one guy who gave us the model airplanes?? Yeah well he came to church yesterday! Even though it was to only give us some other gifts, lol, but he came and he actually enjoyed himself. After church we gave him a book of mormon and we are going to go over to his house and teach him and his mom. So that was quite a suprise for us hahahaha. Sometimes you NEVER know who is ready or not. 

Also we had a little bit of awkward experiences hahahha. SO we went to teach a family who we thought were potential investigaters but it turned out that they were actually less actives... lol. 
And then we were teaching some one who we thought was a less active but it turns out that almost all her family are members except for her hahahaha. So yeah, those were a few funny experiences hahaha. 

Well I love that every day I have the opportunity to learn something new and to grow. The Lord has shown me MANY weaknesses this past month and I am trying to humble myself enough to make these weaknesses strong with the help of the lord. Well as we say here in Chile, "Estoy en eso..." But thats the promise that God gives us in Ether 12:27. So I'm trusting in that promise hahaha. Sometimes we think we are giving all we have and then the Lord asks us to give even more... But if He asks it, that means He knows I can do it. 

I Know this work is the work of the Lord, that this is his true gospel and if we trust in the Lord and keep in mind that we have more power against Satan than he has over us, we will be able to do ALL things. I KNOW my Savior loves and knows me. AND EACH OF YOU. 

Hasta Luego,
Hna Logan

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