Monday, January 4, 2016

Milagros Continúan Aún

From September 7, 2015

Hola todos:)))))

Well it sounds like you're all making a lot of changes hahaha. It's going to be interesting these next four months or so... But hey changes are what help us to change:) 

So this week we received a few miracles and some interesting events lol. 

First of all Luis and his Mom are doing pretty well as investigators. The only problem is that they have a hard time excepting the Book of Mormon. Well Marta, the mom, is a lot more open but Luis was a history teacher and it's hard for him to except the fact that Christ was here in the Americas. So if you guys would like to pray for him and his mom that they can keep praying about the BOM and receive an answer, that would be great! The truth is they're really great people and I love them a lot. 

Another miracle was that there is an old investigator named Carlos that assisted the church for like three months strait right before I came here but he got offended and didn't come back... also he never "received an answer" about the BOM... well I met him on friday or saturday, I can't remember exactly, but we were talking and I shared with him that I didn't receive my answer right away about the BOM either. I had to keep asking and keep asking and keep moving on in order to receive the answer. And so we invited him to church again and HE CAME!!! He even got teared-up after the sacrament meeting. So I think we just need to help him to recognize the spirit and that the answers almost never are super grande. I think he is going to continue progressing:) 

Also here's a story so you guys can see that God protects us. So this week we were walking when all of a sudden a man walks up to us and says, "Hola, hermanas" and when people say that its usually because they have listened to the missionaries before so we started asking him and he said that he shared quite a while with the other sisters but he smelled a lot like alcohol so we told him we had to leave to go to an appointment when he stepped a bit closer to us and the Rosario that he had around his neck just broke! Out of no where! So we finally could leave. But as we climbed down a pretty steep hill we heard someone call us and we saw him at the top of the hill and he told us to come back because his brother wanted to meet us and his brother is drunk, lol. Pretty sure that was lie. But we just kept walking and eventually he went back the way he came. But it was really cool in order to see how much the Lord protects us here on the mission. Heavenly Father loves us SOOO much I can't even believe it sometimes! 

And the last miracle: We got a call yesterday from out leaders and they gave us a referral of a guy named Carlos who wanted a priesthood blessing for the sick. So we went over there with a few members and he told us his 15 year-old son has a brain tumor and now he has gone almost completely blind and he doesn't keep down any food that eats:(( And we couldn't go inside because there wasn't a women with us but this father was just so helpless. He just wishes that he could be suffering in the place of his son. It reminded me of the father that brings his sick son to Christ and Christ tells him that if he just believes that it was possible and the Father asks him to help his unbelief. It was a very precious meeting. And we are going to see them on wednesday so we'll see how they progress.

Well that pretty much wraps up my week. We are seeing a bunch of miracles and I have felt the love of my Savior with us in every day. I SOOOOOOOOOO grateful for the mission and the THOUSANDS of things I have learned, seen, and felt and I cannot thank the Lord enough for this wonderful experience! I KNOW that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and its thanks to Him that we are going to be able to live with our Father in Heaven once again. I KNOW they live and that they love us more than we could possibly understand. 

I love you all SO much! And hope that you all can continue on the righteous path that leads to an eternity of happiness. 

Ambrazos y besos a todos:)
Hna Logan

Here is a Sister that started the mission with me. We were together on the first day here in Chile when we had to give out a BOM and find the mission house all by ourselves! She's from Trujillo, Peru and I love her! 

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