Monday, May 18, 2015

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El Poder del Testimonio


Wow, well I only have like five mins to write this....

This week my  companion and I were working really hard to find the people prepared to hear the gospel. And our investigater, Gabriel got really complicated, I'll have to finish that story next week. But Right now we are just working super hard and improving our teaching so we can bring the spirit to everyone we teach.

Its been interesting for me this week because we have an investigater from michagan who only speaks english and I been able to relflect a lot on my testimony because he pretty much isnt sure about anything! And I LOVE LOOVE LOOOOVE that this  gospel allows us the know absolute truth! And know with a surety, not only to believe but to know! 

And I really love how my mission has helped me to grow that knowledge. That God exists, that He is my Father and He loved me soo much that He sent His son to suffer and die for ME. Everyday there are people who attack our beliefs, our faith, our testimonys, but with the strength of my Savior I know that NOTHING and NO ONE can tear down the testimony that I have. 

I invite everyone who reads this to look for this testimony. And to find it. Becuase you're really going to need it!

With all my love,
Hna Logan

God Gave Us Families

Letter from May 11, 2015

Hello again family!

It was so great to see you all yesterday:) Miss and love you all!!!!!!!! So good to see my new nephew Jonah! He's beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Mom! Love you like crazy and I hope you realize the impact you have had on my life! 

So as you have heard I have a new companion from Equador! She is like this tiny, humble thing, I love it! I have a feeling we are going to be a pretty powerful duo:) Which is great, because our investigader Gabriel is having a lot of doubts about the church and we found out his mom was baptized in the church but fell away because she had a problem with tithing and now he has that influence coming at him on top of the fact that he has problems with the word of wisdom and the law of chastiy... but I know that we are going to be able to help him feel the spirit so that he can recieve a powerful testimony of the church! I know that there are people waiting here in our area for the gospel and its our job to teach them, not only the doctrine (or the dance steps) but to help them feel the spirit (or hear the music). The spirit is the KEY to everything about the church and this gospel and I am going to work hard this week to try and help all that we come in contact with feel the spirit, so I am going to share my testimony with EVERYONE lol. So look out world cuz here we come!!!! 

I have been able to grow a ton on the mission and I know it wasnt what I wanted or expected, but its exactly what I needed. I know that Heavenly Father really knows me and He knows what I need, just like each and every one of you. He loves and knows you better than your mom, your dad, your siblings, your best friend, your spouse and all of them combined! I testify that He is our Father in Heaven, He created us and everything in the universe and if we think about how small we really are compared to the other solar systems in our galaxy and then all the millions of billions of galaxies that exist we are practically NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And yet...AND YET HE WHO CREATED ALL THINGS KNOWS YOU. AND LOVES YOU. AND KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED, HOW YOU FEEL, HE LISTENS TO YOUR PRAYERS, YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR DESIRES. HE IS THERE. I proclaim that there is a Supreme Being and He is the Almighty God. But more than that, your true and loyal FATHER. And He is just waiting... and waiting... and waiting to hear from His child. Speak to Him. I promise you and testify that He is there. And He will respond. 

I testify that He lives that He sent His son to suffer and die for us. That we a fallen and unperfect people can live again in His presence. BECAUSE THAT IS ALL HE WANTS. IS YOU. WITH HIM. AGAIN. 

I love my Father in Heaven. I love His perfect gospel. And I love my Savior Jesus Christ who made it possible for me to live my Father once again. 

I love you all soooo much and know that He is blessing you all abundantly! Until next week, Godspeed<3

Love, Hermana Logan

El Aprendizaje

Letter from May 4, 2015


So we get to skype on sunday!!!! WOOOHHHOOOOOO:))) And none of you told me when... so I'm thinking of doing it at 7 my time which I think would be four your time and five in Utah?? Well since we aren't going to be able to communicate before the call, but I hope that that's a good time for you all, hopefully before dinner?? Or, well I dont know what time that church starts or ends for all of you either... but I guess it shouldnt be a problem since no one told me a specific time... 

Well, I cant believe that we're in may! This week wasn't super thrilling. We have a rule in the mission to contact 20 people daily and well I haven't been very good about doing it every day. But this past week Hermana Mayorga and I have been working hard to contact at least 20 people every day and we have found some new investigaters:) Nothing huge, but I have the faith that for this obedience we will be blessed! Also, this week on wed we will have transfers so I might have a new companion, or a new area when we skype on sunday! One never knows when it comes to transfers! 

Well just another week of finding new investigaters and trying to improve everyday! But I am so blessed here with improving knowledge, faith, testimony, and challenges. I love to strudy the scriptures every day (something I never thought I would say, lol) Its not a chore, but something I thoroughly enjoy. I love that the Lord has blessed me with this desire and love to learn and study more! I love how as I do so, I am overwhelemed with how true our church is. How lucky we are to have the fullness of the gospel in our time! I love love love it! My testimony grows every week, even when I think it can't get any stronger or bigger, the Lord lets me know that oh, its possible! 

I know that God and Jesus Christ live, that they are two seperate and loving personages who love and know us inside and out. They know how we feel- EVERYDAY and they always listen to what we have to say! Even if we're mad and say the worst things, they listen. And they comfort. I really am so amazed at all that I have learned in only 9 months in the mission! And its things that one learns with years and years of life... but I get to learn it in this short time serving the Lord. And I am so greatful to Him, my Father in Heaven for loving me and blessing me abundantly! I can't thank Him enough! 

Funny story:
Well a funny story I thought I would share for you all is actually what happened to me today, lol. So we were walking to take out money for the month when a guy in a sombrero stopped us and started asking us questions.Then he asked us where are church is and he said "I actually see you guys walk by all the time and have been wanting to talk to you for a long time... (Here's when we thought he was going to ask if we could teach him or something like that, right? HA! THINK AGAIN) ... I just think that you are so beautiful and I want to go to your church to see you and get to know you...(He said looking at me)" And then I thanked him and told him that we cant date while we're on a mission and that I'm going to go right back to the US when I finish my mission. And he said, "Well, why don't you stay here and marry me instead?" 

Yeah, so just thought you all might enjoy this story to give you a laugh throughout the week, lol. 

Well I love and miss you all!! And hope you have a wonderful week this week:))) 

Nos veremos el Domingo,
Hermana Logan

Oh esta, toda bien

Letter from April 27, 2015

Hola seres queridos!

First of all: No the volcano is in the south part of chile so its not really affecting us here. I havent heard that we are going to get ash up here either... but Im not sure about that. Now the water.... I can understand if our water gets contaminated, it happens a lot here in Chile, lol. This will be the third or fourth time its happened during my time here. But no worries we have emergency water and also, there are special water people (not like magical water people or people made our of water but people who work specially in this aspect...) that put up water tanks in the neighborhoods so we will be just fine. Dont worry! 

Second of all I may or may not have sprained my ankle... but its okay its only a little bit and it isnt very swollen at all, so it should pass pretty quickly. 

Third of all: Heavenly Father is just the greatest! So, this week we had two little miracles happen! We found a family of four that accepted Book of Mormons and we have our second appointement with them tonight:) I really hope we can help them to really feel the spirit of the restoration! Also, we found a teenager who is sixteen and who has a lot of questions:) But he came to church yesterday and wants to come all the activities that we have this week! He's great! I love that the Gospel really answers all the questions that we as humans naturally have! And I really know that He is watching over us and helping us to find all of chosen children who are ready to hear the gospel! 

Yanett: So, yesterday we had a lesson with Yanett... And she told us that she knows that all that we have taught her is true but she is feeling a lot of pressure from the advesary and her family. She says she isnt willing to take any more steps forward because she is in this alone and that scares her. I shared with her your story mom. That you took the dicision when you were only 15 years old to make this change even though you were the only one in your family to listen to the Elders... But I keep searching for what she needs to hear... I am a bit stuck on how to help her to be brave and trust in the Lord. So I'll take any suggestions:)) 

Also, let me know what time is best for you guys to skype on mothers day. And let me know the time difference please, cuz I think I'm five hours ahead but Im not sure... But Im super excited to talk to you guys in two weeks! Maybe I'll have a nephew by then.... WHAT????? I cant even believe it! 

Well I love you guys tons! And I know that you guys are in good hands! The Lord continues to bless me every single day and I know He is blessing you all, as well:)) Continue to put Him first in all things. I know that He lives and loves each and every one of us WITHOUT A SINGLE DOUBT! 

Con todo mi amor,
Hna Logan

Hump Day (Up! Up! Up!) We Can Only Go up from Here

Letter from April 13, 2015

Hola todos!

Well not gonna lie, a bit scary that I'm going to complete 9 months in the mission this week. Because now, its all down hill! On the brightside it makes me want to work harder and focus more and enjoy my time on the mission while I can! Also, cant believe Im gonna be 20! Sometimes it doesnt feel like Im any older, and then sometimes I feel like a completly different person...
Which is quite true! I've changed in so many ways and hope that I can continue to improve and to become the person and missionary that my Heavenly Father wants and needs me to be. I hope from here on I can only get better. 

Well first off, I would like to thank you all for the prayers! The law of chastity and word of wisdom were NO problem for Yanett. I think it definitly helped that we were fasting when we taught her:) But, she says she has a problem with going to church every week because she has gotten into the rutine of sleeping in on sunday and not doing anything and so she doesnt feel ready to get baptized because she knows she wont be able to commit to coming to church every sunday afterwards. So if we can all keep praying for her! She didnt show up to church yesterday either... but she continues to read and pray and she has told us that she feels the spirit whenever we are with her and when she went to General Conference. So please keep praying for her! I know that she can come to make this sacred covenant with her Heavenly Father, we only need to help her to feel the desire to get rid of all the worldly things in her life. 

So this week we had intercambios (splits) and I was with Hermana Mariscal (the new Sister Training Leader) who is from Ecuador, but grew up in Jersey and she is literally the best! I love her! And guess who her companion is? Hermana Mckenna, who was with me in the MTC! But anyways I want to tell you about the amazing day we had together:

We contacted pretty much all day and we gave out 3 BOMs! She so awesome, we gave out two and she said, lets go back to the house and grab two more books! Lol. Love it. And we taught a less active, then we were on our way to a meeting in the church when the elders called us and said it was cancelled. SO we were walking and she pulled me aside and said, hey lets say a prayer for guidance. And we were in a little park thats in front of a few houses. And as I was praying I got the impression to contact the last house on the street. So we did it. And it was just a normal contact so we continued down this street until we met Isidora! We asked her if we could share a message with her and she let us in and we taught The Restoration super powerfully! She accepted a book of mormon and that she would be baptized if she recieved her answer! IT WAS WONDERFUL! One of the most spiritual days I've had on my mission. And I'm so grateful that the Lord has blessed me and all of you during these 9 months. Isn't He just amazing???
Well I love you all dearly and hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful week:))

Un abraso y beso por cada uno,Hna Logan 

Happy Easter!

Letter from April 6, 2015

Hola todos!
Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN! 
All of the talks were fantastic! The talks that impacted me the most were:
Jeffery R. Holland: Without the fall and the atonement of Jesus Christ we would all just be free-falling with no one and nothing to save us.Whitney Clayton: To believe is a CHOICE. We always have to take a leap into the dark before we can see the light. But once its there, we know it. And we cant deny it. Dieter F. Uchtdorf: No one obligates us to obey the commandments of God, it is an  automatic desire once we have felt his overwhelming love for us.Rosmarry Wixom (Im not sure if thats her real last name...It might be Minton): Don't let the questions you have allow you to doubt what you know. Focus on what you DO know and let it fill you up and the peace you will feel will surpass your mortal disability to comprehend.Henry B. Eyring: Every time you are about to give in to temptation when you fast but you choose not to, the relief of the people your fast offering will help will be greater. Dallin H. Oaks: Not gonna lie I loved it when he pretty told the youth to stop using their phones during sacrament meeting! How powerful! 
Those are just SOME of the highlights! I love how much I have come to love and apreciate General Confernce on my Mission! I have learned that it is something your need to prepare for.
Well this week was wonderful! We have an investigator named Yanett and she is awesome! We have given her 3 pamphlets from the three lessons we teach from Preach My Gospel and she is answering the questions from the extra study part at the end of the pamphlets! And this past week she accepted to be baptized on the 19th of April! There is just one problem... she lives with her boyfriend and two kids and isnt completely divorced from her previous marriage... So if you would like to pray for us that we can approach this subject in just the right way according to the spirit that would be great! I know she is feeling the spirit and really desires to know the truth. Pray for her that she will feel that this is the Lords way and what will make her happy! 
Well Im a little short on time but I love you all a ton! Im doing just fine and I love the spirit I am able to feel on my mission and how my testimony has been strengthened immensly! I love this gospel and the eternal perspective it gives us! I KNOW that this is the Church of Jesus Christ and it holds the fullness and authority of God and is gospel. I KNOW that our families will be together forever if we choose to keep our covenants because we truely love Him! I know that Joseph Smith restored the gospel of Jesus Christ and we now have a living prophet Thomas S. Monson. I KNOW it, I LIVE it, and I LOVE it! 
Sincerely yours forever,Hermana Logan

Because He Lives

Letter from March 23, 2015

Wow, seams like time just passes by without asking for permission. Psssh, how rude! 

So this wedensday we're going to have transfers. I think that my companion and I have one more transfer together here in Peñuelas... But, one NEVER knows with transfers! They're literally the worst! We find out on tuesday night and we have to pack and be ready early in the morning to the bus station... but hey, missions are all about keeping you on your toes:) And they sure do accomplish their goal, lol. 


So this week I think was the best week my companion and I have had together. We have found some new investigators and our lessons are more in sync. We have gotten to the point that we can help the people feel the spirit and keep their commitments. I just love how great the spirit is! Its totally rad!!!!! Speaking of the spirit my companion and I were told last minute (and I mean as of 3 minutes before) that we need to teach the Principles of the Gospel class... so we totally used the spirit and it turned out fabulous:) 

So sometimes it just hits me how profound the gospel is. Like we're walking and all the sudden I think about the temple and the universe and then I try to picture my life without that knowledge and it blows my mind how LUCKY I am to have this knowldege in my life. That I can have such a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father and the comfort that the temple blessings bring. Does this ever happen to you? And then I think about all the people who are getting to know the gospel or who recently converted and how its going to CHANGE everything. Their perspective, their knowledge, thier relationship with their Heavenly Father, and EVERYTHING. Its SO amazing to me sometimes how blessed we are to have these truths. To have a modern-day prophet to lead us and guide us in a world that changes with the wind. Gosh, its just so freaking amazing! 
Anyways... I hope you all know that I know with all my BEING that this church is THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. That we have the FULLNESS of the His gospel restored on the earth and that we have the authority to act in His name. I know that we have a modern-day prophet who holds the keys and authority to guide us with the words of the Lord. And I know that the 12 Apostles are special witnesses of Jesus Christ and are here to testify that He lives. Which leads me to this new video we have for Easter (has anyone else noticed that my birthday month is like the best, General Conference, Easter, spring, I was born... doesnt get much better than that, lol). Its called, "Because He Lives" and its a HIT! So we should all gird up our loins and share the best message in the world! That because He lives we will ALL live again! 

With all my love, Hna Logan

Find and Feed My Sheep

Letter from March 16, 2015

Hola mi familia querida y amigos:)

How's everything going in Temecula? En the ward? The stake? With all of you?
Here's something new with me: On Friday we had a zone conference (which consists of 3 different zones together with President Kahnlein) and let me tell you it was pretty dang inspired! A lot of the chileans dont like our mission president because we have a lot more rules than many of the other missions and previous mission presidents, but if there is one thing I know, its that he ALWAYS says exactly what I (and I imagine what many other missionaries) need to hear. Not to mention we got to watch MEET THE MORMONS and I LOVED LOVED LOOOOVED IT! Did anyone else think that the fighter from Costa Rica looked a lot like Sandra Bullock? Lol. And it was super great to watch football, even just a smidge hahahaha. Not gonna lie, miss football a TON. But most of all I think the movie is completely magical. I dont know exactly why (guess we'll have to call it the Spirit) but the story of the soldier that gave candy to all the starving kids really got to me. I think of the impact that man had in thousands of lives. And it all started with a willingness to love and serve. Two peices of gum changed THOUSANDS OF LIVES. I LOVED that! I think of us as humans and when we serve someone do we realized just how much we can be changing a life? Or liVES? And that is the Savior. One man who changed OUR FUTURE all because He LOVES us. And He willingly LOOKED for people to serve in every moment! Ugh! Yeah, needless to say, I LOVED the movie:)
Also, in this conference I got to see my previous companion and she gave me all the updates on our converts. She also told me that Sergio did not get baptized for passed sins that he commited and that he doesnt quite "feel" that the church is true yet. And our converts arent doing so well either. So Im working on writing all of them so maybe I can help them.
This week we found some new investigaters who have great potential. So we're excited for them. And Im learning to be more dilligent. I've come to realize just how lazy I really am... so as they say here in Chile, "Estoy en eso" But like Heavenly Father promeses us, if we humble ourselves before Him he will make our weaknesses strong! So im trusting in that promise that if I humble myslef (which also happens to be my weakness... maybe pride is actually my weakness and therefore I dont work as dilligently as I should... hmmm never thought of that before...) Yeah so Im working on this personal process right now. Pray for me, lol.
But I have realized that my faith here on the mission has become something like a solid titanium wall. And when I say that I mean to say that its completely unbreakable. And it doesnt matter if someone super rational asks us questions that we dont know the answer to, because I know that there is an answer. There is always an answer. And with the experiences I've had in my life (which Im so darn lucky to have in my life) I know that these things are absolutely and completly true. Without a single doubt! And I hope you all can do the same. Thousands of people say that faith or believing isnt rational, but it is. Just think. Its a Loving Father who wants all of His kids to return home to him. To me thats rational. And this is the work that we need to do. If we think of a man who comes to us our of his mind, saying that he has lost his kids, what would we do? We'd do everything we could to help him find them, wouldnt we? I hope so. Thats missionary work. If you imagine that your family members are lost, what would you do? I plead with you to FIND all your brothers and sisters who are LOST.
Well gotta go, but I love you all devotedly!!!!!!!
Peter (please place you name here), do you love me? More than these?
Yea, Lord thou knowest that I love Thee.
THEN FEED MY SHEEP. When I gave you this calling it was FOREVER.
Con todo mi amor,
Hna Logan

Nuevo Sector

Letter from February 23, 2015

Para todos,
Well how y'all doin? Hahahaha here in chile they say, "Como estai" its really great lol. Anyways I hope you are all doing well and drawing closer to the Lord in anyway you can!
Well here I am in my new sector and I have to admit its a bit tougher than the other. Here our area is bigger and during this time in Chile everyone is on vacation... and there are a ton of turisits, too. Not to mention our sector is pretty wealthy. All the houses have doorbells outside and speakers so that they can talk to you without leaving the house, which makes things a lot harder. So we walk all day long in the burning sun and we find almost no one who is willing to listen to us. But whats really great is that we can better recognize those tender mercies from the Lord in everyday (Not to mention the great legs I'm going to have, lol). And we found someone this week who promised us he would read the BOM and that we could come back in two days. So yesterday we went to see him and he told us he randomly opened up to a page and started reading about Alma the Younger and realized that the BOM is like a bunch of stories, so he decided to start from the beginning. And he said he LOVED it. He loved it because it was like a novel and it's a lot easier to understand. It made me super happy to see someone who was so animated about the BOM! So there was a huge tender mercy for us. I think I've come to love the BOM like I love regular novels. Reading it everyday and immersing yourself in the stories and then applying the principles to your life... its helped me to have a desire to read it and I dont want to stop. And I love that Heavenly Father has given me this blessing because I never thought I would enjoy reading the BOM as much as reading other novels, to the point where I dont want to put it down. But if we really are dilligent and make time to read it everyday- and be spiritually prepared to read it- we can find that Heavenly Father blesses us with this desire. And everyday I marvel a little bit more at how AMAZING the BOM is.
So thats pretty much all with me for right now in my new area. My companion is pretty great! We laugh pretty much all the time and always annoy each other. So things are always interesting:)
Well Im trying to send pictures but I'm pretty sure its not going to work:( I promise to do my absolute best to send them!
I love you all with all my heart! And hope that you can feel closer to your Heaveny Father like I do everyday.
con mucho cariño,
Hna Logan 


Letter from February 16, 2015

Well, I have officially left my first area in the mission after 6 months! It was pretty sad because are Bishopric had just changed and there was a sense of a huge improvement in our area and everything.Or to describe the feeling I'll use the words of a very wise man, "The best is yet to come..." Not to mention that Hermana De La Torre and I were like best friends:((( But hey thats the mish for ya, lol. But to my shock I am now in Coquimbo which is like moving from Temecula to murrieta! Hahahaha. And my new companion is Hermana Mayorga from Costa Rica! She is super sarcastic and loves to joke, so we get along really well so far:) My new area is well... Ginormous! Well at least it feels that way,lol. But there's a whole bunch more to do here on Pdays! For example do you guys remember the pic I sent of famous cross in Coquimbo? Ya, well lets just say next monday I have a date with famous view from this cross. IM. SO. STOKED. Also, we're a lot closer the ocean so I always have a super pretty view of the ocean like all the time... that I cant go in... but hey, who needs Chilean water? Also I just realized that on my birthday Im going to complete 9 MONTHS IN THE MISH!!!!! WHODATHUNKIT????
But I think I know why Im supposed to be here. My companion has been here for about 3 months without any baptisms or progressing investigaters and I can tell her enthusiasm is a bit low. And you know me I'll about the enthusiasm hahaha.
Also, I a funny story for all those who need a little laughter:
Yesterday I had to introduce myself in sacrament meeting and as I was giving information I decided to tell everyone that I was from Lima, Peru becuase theres a ton of missionary here from Utah and I thought Id do something a little different:) And let me tell ya, it was dead silent. Hahahahaha! And after my companion drew me a picture of how everyone was questioning in their minds how there could be a blonde, white skinned gringa from Peru hahahaha I loved it.
Well thats about all I have for you now, but I want you all to know that I have learned soooooooo much on my mission and Im only 7 months in! I already know many things that Im going to change in my life after, and the kind of person im going to be. I cant be grateful enough to be learning through experiences all the things that are going to help me become the person Ill be for the rest of my life. My testimony continues to grow of the scriptures, of my savior. When one walks allllllll day long in the burning sun, having door after door shut in your face and no one wants to listen; when your starving, exhausted, and constantly bearing those intimate things of the spirit you have with the people and they still reject you; you get to understand just a little tiny itty bitty bit of how your Savior felt. Everyday I grow more and more grateful for what He has done just for me. And day after day I understand a little less of why and how He could have SO much love for each and every one of us. And for this I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scripture Alma 29:9-10. I know whithout a single doubt that these things ARE TRUE. AND I DARE YOU TO FEEL THE SAME.
Siempre seré de ustedes,
les quiero con todo mi corazon,
Hermana Logan

Sergio (Serhio)

Letter from February 9, 2015

Hola mis queridos<3
So this week was pretty great. I ate gypsy food for the first time and we were able to set a baptismal date for one of our investigaters whos name is Sergio. And he is just the best. Our first meeting with him was a little sketch because he was Evangelistic and their religion here is pretty much devil worship, lol. They believe in possesions and grand dreams and visions. Things like that. And he told us in the first lesson that he had a dream where God called him to be a prophet......... yeah. But anywhooo, now he is preparing to be baptized next sunday:)) And we're super happy for him and this decision that he has made to follow Christ. And hes super social ahahahaha he told us yesterday,"Hey, I havent met your Bishop, I want to speak with him" hahahaha hes great.
Oh and we are teaching a gypsy family! I know that sounds wierd because gypsys are almost like a tall tale in the US, but they actually exist! But not the kind that rob and all that kind of stuff, their different. Gypsys here are like a tradition. They have their own language and they only marry other gypsys and its pretty interesting. And the other day the mom gave us gypsy food! Its called "niños envuelto" which means "wrapped children" hahahahahha. Its was pretty delicious! And they said that they're probably going to come to church next week:))))
And today as a district we have an activity! We are going to go to one of the museums here in La Serena!! So next week Im going to send pics from that!
I just want you all to know that I love you dearly. That I know without a single doubt that this church is true. THat its the ONLY church of Jesus Christ and that has his authority. I know that my savior lives. That He loves me. And He loves every one of you. More than you can even imagine. And He is always waiting for your call...(thats what we would call prayer;)) So pick up the phone and give your dad a call!
Con todo mi amor!
Hna Logan

El Poder del Ayuno

Letter from February 2, 2015

Hola mi queridos! 

Okay so this week we had a baptism! And let me tell you the power that Satan can have when someone makes this very important and sacred dicision! But guess what? Heavenly Father is MORE powerful! And in the words of one talk that I heard at BYU-I "Suck it Satan!" Hahahaha! Thats right, someone acrually said that at the pulpit and I often say it in my mind, lol. But the week before my companion and I fasted for Rene and some other poeple we are working with and he accepted a baptismal date! Then this week was fast sunday and so obvisouly we fasted again and everything worked out just fine! But heres the story:
Rene works out of town almost the entire week and he was coming home from his work trip (four hours away) And then going to his baptism. And there are so many things that could  have happened in that he couldnt make it on time, but he did:) Then as we were organizing the baptism NONE of the bishopric could make it to the baptism! And if the bishopric is there to lead it, then the Mission Leader has to, but if he cant, then the Zone leaders need to lead it. And in our ward we have a Mission Leader and his assistant. And our Misson Leader also couldnt make it to the baptism! And almost everyone we called to invite to the baptism to be the witnesses, to give talks, nor to baptize him could come. We were definitley biting our nails! But then we got a call from Rene(at 4:00pm) that he was an hour and a half away and his baptism was set for 7pm. And after that call we were able to get a hold of all we needed. And everything turned out fine! And on top of that we had two investigaters at the baptism:) Oh! And the Elders have to go early to the church to fill up the font, but the Elder who did it only turned on the hot water handle and if you do that then the water doesnt fill up very fast! So at like 6:15 it was about midcalf hight, but super hot! And its a good thing that Rene is short because en the end the water was just above his knees, lol. But I swear if we hadnt have fasted, it wouldnt have turned out at all. So that was pretty much a great miracle for this week!
Okay and this week we had interviews with our mission president but IN OUR HOUSES and A HOUSE INSPECTION! And let me tell you our house... well lets just say its... SPECIAL. But more than that I would like you all to imagine my mission president for a sec: 6' 7 or 8, half German, and half Argentinian and PURE POWER...(and for those of you who dont know what an Argentinian is like they are well known for their firm character, they say what they think and thats that. SO you can imagine all of these characters together...) And I dont think Im scared of him, but I want to make sure that he approves of everything. And so all of last week was pretty stressfull in trying to get everything ready for him, lol.
But I love you all and I hope you all know that my testimony continues to grow every day! I have no doubt that what Im doing is from the Lord and that the Spirit is always with me to protect me and help me touch the hearts of the people!
And I will strive for the rest of my life to be worthy of its guidance and companionship
With all my heart and soul,
Hna Logan

Diligence = Miracles

Post from January 26, 2015

To all I love,

This week was literally a week of miracles. Its amazing how much the Lord blesses us when we give him our all and put our trust in him. So this week we were able to work super hard and give out 8 BOMs! Almost one every day! And this weekend we fasted (mainly for a less active who really needed it, but also for ourselves) and we had a lesson super powerful with René (remember the alcholic that called us over one day?) and we were able to set a baptismal date for next saturday with him! He had his baptimal interview yesterday and he passed! It was super awesome! We are so very happy! And really we can see that when we work dilligently and trust in Him, he gives us miracles! Isnt He just the bestest??? I am soooooo grateful for my mission! I have learned a TON in only 6 months, can you imagine  what ill have learned in 18? I think I have changed quite a bit. I have been told that I talk really firm with our investigaters... and so I might be loosing my sweetness... hahaha. But then again its different, if I dont talk firm no one takes me seriously  because Im a gringa. And thats not a joke. Gringas here are like Gods. Perfect and beautiful. But hey Im using the authority that Ive been given in my calling, right;)
Well I hope you all know that the mission is great. One learns through experience all the things that they want and dont want in life. They learn to have a testimony without doubts. And how to work so that you have the spirit in you life every day! I cant thank you all enough for your support in this huge decision I made in my life. I dont regret it at all. My testimony grows every day and I know my mission is going to shape me into the person that God wants me to be. And each one of you has made a significant contribution to who I am and who I will be! And I love you all for that!
I know that God hears and answers our prayers because He LOVES us. I know that He sent His son to suffer, die, and rise again for EACH ONE OF US. I know that the BOM is the truest book in the history of man and that we can recieve personal revelation through it. And I know that the hope, love, and testimonly that one recieves from this Gospel is truely life changing. And I am soooooooo blessed to have this Gospel in my life!!!!!!!!!
with all my love,
Hna Logan