Monday, January 4, 2016

Terrimotos y Temblores

From September 21, 2015


So I thought I would start off with the earthquake story so that the suspense doesn't kill anyone hahahaha. 

So this week is the Independence day of Chile and so we did a lot of service activities because with all the drinking it can be a bit dangerous to be out on the street. So on the 16th of Sep we were helping a recent convert make something thats called Empanadas here in Chile which is a really popular food here. She owns a Bakery and we were helping her to make bread and pastries and we had just stopped to take a break and she sat on a table to rest when all of sudden she jumps off the table and says, "Its shaking!" and we thought she meant the table, as if it was going to break with the weight but then we realized that there was an actual earthquake. So we gathered all the children and we went to the door jam. My poor companion gets so scared during earthquakes that she faints so she tried to be strong for the children and we all started singing I am a Child of God. It didn't scare me because it wasn't that strong but it was like 4 mins long! And there have been aftershocks ever since. But I'm just grateful that they moved me from Coquimbo which got the worst of the earthquake! But I've never had much fear of earthquakes so I was okay. And that was it really hahahaha. 

Right now I have to say that I'm sick. Yesterday my comp and I got food poisoning and we have been throwing up all night long! It has been horrible! We received priesthood blessings from our Zone Leaders and now we feel a bit better. But we are just pretty weak still. Lots of experiences in the mission, hahhaha. 

But besides that we are all doing well here. I am doing just fine. Watching the time fly before my eyes! I can't believe it! But we are still working with our investigator Carlos who came to church yesterday but he has this fear to change his way of life. But we are seeing some good progress with him:) 

Well that's about it for me folks. I hope all is well with you guys and that you can all be safe and well:))

con mucho cariño,
Hna Logan 

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