Monday, January 4, 2016

Muchas Cosas

From November 16, 2015

Sorry, don't have much time today but...

This week was super interesting! I got really sick with a secondary infection in my throat. I sound like a man... and it sucks! Last Tuesday I had a fever and was with convulsions all night long. But now its almost gone I think... I HOPE. I really need my voice for the Mission Choir. 

Then we had a Renato's baptism! And it was so beautiful! Renato is just super adorable! I have some really cute pictures! 

Then to celebrate the family had a cocktail and the little kid threw his glass of coke all over me... it was great.

And today as a Zone we hiked to a waterfall and had a testimony meeting. It was really pretty. I'll send pictures. 

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