Monday, January 4, 2016

Luz en la Escuridad

From August 31, 2015

Hola!!!!! Como estan??? Espero que estén muy bien:)

Okay so a few interesting things happened this week:

First of all our mission did auditions for some THING we are going to do for christmas (but I really have no idea what it is going to be...) where we had to prepare a hymn to sing and so my comp and I did it but the auditions turned into something quite different. They had us do a bunch of sight singing and other aweful things I don't want to remember. I'm pretty sure I did aweful cuz I didnt even sing my hymn well I was so nervous... oh well, I tried right? Lol. 

Also yesterday in sacrement meeting I gave a talk that I whipped out of nowhere but the spirit! Lol. I completely forgot about the talk I was supposed to give until like the end of the sacrament... so I just listened to the spirit hahahhahaa. And then during the classes a few people were quoting my talk, so I guess someone got something out it hahhahaa. 

Do you guys remember that guy who gave us the model airplanes? Yeah well he came to church not yesterday but the week before and the week before that, too and we could finally go to his house and teach him and his mom yesterday! Well we couldn't really teach him much cuz he has problems hearing and he didn't sit down to listen cuz he wanted to show us some historical-biblical stuff, lol. But we talked to his mom and she is really awesome:) They are super sweet people and we feel a ton of love for them! We have this feeling they are going to get baptized! I'll keep you guys updated:) 
 We also have one kid who was baptized right before I came here and his parents are listening to us. They go to a cristian church but they believe that Joseph Smith was called to restore the fulness of the gospel. And they want to get baptized, but in a river... which would be a bit difficult. I mean they want to be baptized in nature and how Jesus was baptized and I understand that, but it's almost as if they dont understand the importance of the proper authority... but we are working with them.

Well my comp and I are working hard to overcome the weaknesses we have in order to become the missionaries that God wants us to become. It's not easy but it is possible. I'm just SO greatful for this wonderful gospel and that I could serve a mission. It is the BEST decision I have ever made! I couldn't be happier for this experience that puts everything into perspective. I know that my Father in Heaven lives and His Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer. I KNOW it, wihtout a single doubt! 

Hast luego,
Hna Logan

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