Monday, January 4, 2016

Las Familias Pueden ser Eternas

From July 6, 2015 

Hola mis seres queridos!!!

Just thought I would share the love because my new president LOVES ME:))))  This is the new rule he set
-Se pueden tomar Coca-cola y Pepsi. Sea prudente, obedezca la palabra de sabiduría, y cuide su salud.

For all those who cant read that is says that I, Hermana Logan, can now drink coke again!!!! I'm already a big fan of my new prez ahahahaha

Well I might have to confess that on the 4th of July I actually forgot that it was the 4TH OF JULY. How aweful is that!??? It might have had to do with the fact that here in Chile they were playing "La Copa America" which is all the Southern american countries playing soccer and Chile played against Argentina in the final on the 4th of July. And when there is a fútbol game here there is literally NO ONE in the street and NO ONE opens their door... but our new president allowed us to watch the soocer game with leaders from our ward that we need to strengthen our relationship with. So I was pretty wrapped up in all of it ahahah. Because Chile hasn't won ANYTHING for soccer in YEEEEAAARRRSSS. SO afterwards EVERYONE went in their cars honking, drinking,and waving their flags and everything, lol. So thats how I spent my forth of July ahahahha. Walking in the cold watching the whole of Chile celebrating. But at the end of the day or District Leader called and sang the national anthem and right then I remembered that it was the 4th of July! So I at least sang the national anthem hahahaha. Well anyways... thats my sad life, lol.

So for a spiritual note, this week my comp and I had a pretty spiritual lesson with our investigater Sally. We talked about the family and how the Gospel helps even the worst of families to become eternal families. It was pretty sad because she was saying how there is no hope for her family, that even if they get baptized nothing is going to change. So my comp and I shared some powerful testimonies of how the Gospel has changed and impacted our families. And I began to feel SO SO SO grateful for my family. I don't know how God did it... but he managed to make something of a wreck and make it into something beautiful. I CANNOT imagine my life without this Gospel. IT IS THE ONLY GOSPEL that makes a family eternal. And as a tribute to the late President Packer, " The end of all activity in the Church is to see that a man and a women with their children are happy at home, sealed together for all eternity." THIS IS THE PLAN OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. He makes it possible to have a happy family that even after all the afflicions, trials, temptations, and short-comings we can be HAPPY. And know that no matter what happens WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER. I KNOW IT. I have never been more grateful for the trials I have had in my life to make the joy that I have today possible. I love each of you will all my heart and I testify that the happiness and joy that we can find in this life is with our families through AND ONLY through the restored gospel of the living Christ. I know He lives. I know He loves me. I know He loves you. And I know that His beautiful plan is perfect. 

"I have a family here on earth,
they are so good to me, 
I want to share my life with them,
for ALL eternity!

Families can be together FOREVER,
Through Heavenly Father's plan,
I ALWAYS want to be with my own family,

I LOVE you all with all my heart and know that God is blessing you abundantly! You are always in my prayers!

With all my love,
Hna Logan

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