Monday, January 4, 2016

Sacrificio Trae Bendiciones

From July 13, 2015

Wellll hello there my amazing family and friends:)))))

So here is something a little interesting: I'm going to complete a year in the mission this week... WOW how crazy! Time just flies here on the mission (well for the missionary hahah). Six months is all I have left. And six months is like three days in the mission! Every monday I feel like yesterday was the last monday hahaha. Guess that should be a good thing...

But its allowed me to think about all the things I have gained and learned during this year out on the mission. And if I start to write all the things I've learned it would take DAYS hahah so I'll just share some spiritual moments from this week:) 

First off my comp and I have been working really hard these past last weeks in order to help the people we are teaching come to church and then to be able to make the decision to make the first covenant of baptism with their father in heaven. But once again no one came to church. Not to mention we have had some not-so-supportive leaders which sometimes makes us a little bit depressed or dissanimated. But we decided to stay positive and strengthen our personal testimonies. So we watched the movie, "The legacy" which a story of the church from the perspective of a girl named Eliza, don't ask me her last name, lol, I missed that part, and it's actually pretty amazing. Beside the fact that Joseph's hair is ridiculous, but that's just a small detail haha. But it had been a while since I had strengthed my testimony of the saints and ALL they suffered so that we could have ALL that we have today. And then to be able to sit in the church on sunday and just marvel. Could the pioneers have even IMAGINED this? All the churches, temples, missionaries that are in the world? I don't think we can ever be too thankful for their beloved sacrifices! And every time I take the time to recognize their sacrifices it gives me the opportunity to be sooooo grateful for this gospel. That yes, we have an enemy who attacks at whatever chance he can, but the work of the Lord WILL ALWAYS conquer. I am so proud to be on the winning side of this war. Are you? 

So that was an answer that I recieved because it gave me all the more enthusiasm to keep this legacy going!

And on top of that wonderful blessing God gave me, yesterday we were able to teach a daughter of a less active member and she commited to be baptized for the 2nd of August! I don't know if I will still be here when that occurs (because we have transfers on the 28th of July) but I know that we are doing the best we can and Heavenly Father will ALWAYS bless us. 

Never have I been able to feel so much love for other people. Never have I been able to apreciate exactly the life that my Father in Heaven has given me. NEVER have I been SO absolutley sure that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the one and only restored gospel of the Lord himself. I KNOW it. I know that there has been, is, and will be oposition to throw us down, to make us miserable, and to try and stop the work of the Lord from growing. But I know that power of God is unmatched. We will ALWAYS win. I testify of the Living God, of His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. That they know and love each and every one of you. There is a divine plan behind the crazy bussle of life. And that the world (cellphones, tvs, tablets, computers, etc) are going to stay here on Earth and we will leave all of them behind. There are more important things than them. Seek for the One who gave you life and knew you before you were born here physically. Seek for the One who suffered so that you can live with your Father in Heaven again. They are THE ONLY way to true and everlasting joy. I so testify in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

With all my love, 
Hna Logan

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