Monday, January 4, 2016

Tiempo me esta pasando demasiado rapido

From August 10, 2015

Hope you celebrate with a good 'ole cake with buttercream frosting! Cuz that doesnt exist here and I REALLY miss it:(( But 13 years of marriage that is quite an accomplishment! I'm so glad that you guys have stuck it out through all these years and up untill today I can feel the love you have together:) I love each of you a ton! Keep it up! :)

Thank you Logan family for writing me all in Dad's letter! It was a sweet surprise:) I love and miss each of you very much!!!! P.S. STOP GETTING OLDER THAT'S NOT ALLOWED.

Well sorry family but I have to make this really short cuz we dont have a lot of time today but 
I thought I would share some highlights from the week:

  • We went to teach someone that we contacted the other day and when we went to visit her, her husband came down and started telling us the story of his search for truth. And so my comp and I were pretty excited because he seemed so sincere in finding the truth (because he supposedly didnt have a religion)... but just wait it gets sooo much better! So after about an hour and a half of telling us his story it turns into an attack on the church and all churches that keep the sabbath day holy on sunday. So my comp and I started to try and end the conversation, actually I should say monologue cuz we pretty much didnt have a chance to say anything, because we didnt want to fight or waste anymore of our time, but he didnt let us. Then he started to talk about how his clothes were free of stains because he had warned us and blah, blah, blah. So when we could finally leave we just started laughing because he totally tricked us. He was actually Aventista or in english aventist? Well anyways they keep the sabbath day holy on saturday and are convinced that every one else is going to be burned at the last day if they dont keep the sabbath day on saturday. Lol, it was pretty interesting. I felt a little aggrivated afterwards because we stick up or say anything. But then I thought about Jesus and when all of the romans and preists asked him questions and talked and spit on him all he did was stand there and take it. Silently. And as His representatives sometimes we have to bite our tongue and just take the beating. Becuase He is the perfect example we have. 
  • Its been raining ALL WEEK LONG. My comp and I are going to go buy rain boots cuz the boots I bought are soaked on the inside, lol. And thats been really interesting because I absolutely LOVE the rain, especially when I have to walk in it ALL DAY LONG. 

Well I wanted to write more but I am out of time. Hope you all know how much I love and miss you all. But I am doing very well and am growing in ways I never thought were possible. I LOVE this work and I LOVE my Heavenly Father. I know He lives and loves each and every one of us. I KNOW this gospel is true with every fiber of my being and I could not be more happy to serve the Lord and give him everything I have. 

Until next week! 

Con mi amor,
Hna Logan

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