Monday, June 8, 2015

Familias Pueden Ser Eternas

I love you all!!!! 

So hey there everyone. First and foremost this has been quite interesting to be able to write you today because we were in a library (well not really a library but a local where there are computers) and then all of a sudden the electricity went out.... and then we had to go searching for another one to write you all... and this computer doesn't let me send pics... so another week with out pics, sorry! But today we are going to have a Zone Activity which I am pretty stoked about! We're gonna play sports it sounds like which makes me REALLY happy because its been like 11 months since I last played sports!!!! So hopefully I can send you all more pics next week:))

So this week we were teaching an old investigator, her name is Sally, and she has had who knows how many problems in her life and is starting to lose her faith because she feels like God has abandoned her for all the challenges she has had and has in her life. But we invited her to start to read the BOM with that question in mind and to mark the answer when she finds one. And we also set a baptismal date for the 28th of June that she can begin to grow her faith and make this covenant with God to show Him that she isn't going to give up on her faith! So if you can all pray for her that would be great! I KNOW this is what God wants for her and needs from her! 

I got a cold. And I'm pretty grumpy about it! Lol. But it doesnt help that we greet all the women here with a kiss on the cheek, so you know it was pretty much inevitable... But I love that God always gives us. as missionaries, the strength to do His work EVERY DAY. It's literally a miracle every day that we can wake up and start off the day with the same energy and enthusiasm as the morning before! And I absolutely love God for that! 

Hey, you are all GREAT! And I am so proud and joyful that Taylor was able to bless my nephew yesterday! And your goal to go to the temple! WHAT A BLESSING! Sorry  wont be there, but I'll be there in spirit! I KNOW that it will be the best decision of your lives! I know this gospel is true and that each and every one of us has the opportunity to be with our families for ETERNITY! I KNOW it! And I know that it IS the plan that our Father in Heaven has for us! I know He lives and loves us deeply. And He will never, ever, EVER abandon us! 

I love you all so so much! And know that Lord is blessing you all immensely!

With all my love,
Hna Logan

Monday, June 1, 2015

Dios Realmente nos Conoce

So this week was pretty interesting. We have one investigator named Wilson. He is a super awesome human being and I mean that in the fact that he is super genuine and has a love for Christ that I love. But he has this thing called a wife that doesn't really support him in any of his decisions to listen to us or go to church with us... So he never has come to church because he has to take his wife to church and they go together and its super understandable because it would be super weird for your spouse who goes to church with you all the time to suddenly...not go to church with you. But anyways, we finally could bring a member to accompany us to a lesson with him! And it was wonderful! It really makes a difference when there are testimonies from the members and Wilson was all excited to come to church! Unfortunately he didn't come but I think he is a lot more motivated:) 

Also we were able to teach Felipe who was our miracle investigator at church last week. But... well it didn't go so well. So our Mission President gave out a new goal this week to put baptismal dates with our investigators. So all our leaders (Zone and District) were all on top of us to put a baptismal date with Felipe so we went in with that goal in mind. But one problem was that he is half deaf. So we were pretty much yelling at him the whole time and that definitely makes the spirit leave. So when we invited him to baptism he said that he needs more time the date we wanted and he wants to talk to his wife and we kept insisting and I think he got scared. Well afterwards my companion and I felt super horrible. And I promised myself that I would never do that again. NEVER. Even if all our leaders are all over us to do it. If the spirit isn't there and we don't feel like it's the right time we should listen to that prompting. And as I was saying that to my companion she says,"Look, LOOK!" And I looked up and there was a shooting star! But it was more like a comet all colorful and beautiful! And we both just knew that God was behind it. That He made it possible that we could know He was there listening and we should always just listen to the spirit. It was really such a beautiful thing! 

So we also started to move around all the furniture in our little house and reorganize it so we could get a new start and new look on everything. Which I feel is really working. Time keeps flying by and by and there is never enough time to accomplish all we want to, but I know that God is always there helping me, guiding me, and answering my prayers. 

Oh and another blessing! Ha! God just never stops blessing me! So we were teaching our gringo investigator from Michigan and it was like our last visit with him to see if he was going to progress or if he was just listening to us for company. And it was awesome because he prayed and read! It was amazing and we were talking about faith and the light of Christ and he said, "Oh, yeah that makes sense." Like the whole time! So I hope he can receive an answer! And then recognize his answer! I just KNOW that Heavenly Father is there. Helping, blessing, and listening to us! He blesses us every single day! I know that my Father in Heaven loves me and loves each and every one of you! Without a single doubt! 

Keep God in your thoughts and in all you do and Godspeed!

Con amor,
Hna Logan

So last p-day I made tacos with bbq chicken, cheese, and chopped apples! It's actually a lot tastier than it sounds! my companion LOVES it, lol. Still doesn't satisfy my desire for Mexican food with a nice cold Coke, but hey gotta live with what you got! 

The biggest watermelon you've ever seen!

Milagros son Geniales!

From May 25, 2015

Hola everyone! 

Well this week Chile had a holiday... and when Chile has a holiday there is basically no one in the street and everyone who answers their door says their busy or they have people visiting... so it was a bit tougher to have lessons this week, buuuuuutttt because we have a loving Heavenly Father who knows the desires of our hearts, we were blessed with another milagro!!! So this week were contacting people pretty late at night and we didn't really find anyone interesting or who was interested-or so we thought! But on thursday we got a call from a random number who was named Felipe. And he was asking for the direction of the church because he wanted to come on sunday. We were both a little weary because he didn't really give us his address and he thought we were Jehova's Witnesses, so we weren't very sure if he was an investigator or anything. But on sunday we called him and he was already on his way looking for the church! And he stayed for all three hours and he looooved it! 

And today we are going to meet with him so we can start teaching him the lessons. We are so excited for this miracle that God gave us! It was also a wonderful answer to a fast that we did on saturday after lunch until sunday at lunch! We are so stoked! 

Also this week we had a lesson with Dan, the gringo, that was a little awkward. We invited a marriage to accompany us because the husband is studying english. But it turned out that he doesn't really know much... so I was stuck translating the entire time. Which I felt was a blessing for me... but the wife kept telling me that Dan isn't going to feel the spirit like this. Which is true. And we are thinking about dropping him because he isn't really looking for this truth right now. And Gabriel actually answered his phone this week and said that he wanted to come to church with us again... but we waited and waited and waited outside his house on sunday and he never came out... so we don't really know what to do with him now.

But I feel that I am finally immersing myself in the work and my companion is awesome for helping me to become better everyday! 

I am so grateful to have this gospel in my life and the spirit to guide me through every moment and help me to strengthen my testimony every single day. I love the ability we have to read the scriptures everyday and prepare ourselves spiritually for the daily battle. Satan's power is strong, but God's power will always be more powerful! I know that my Father knows me and loves me. He will always there to help me and guide me. And I know He is doing everything He can to fulfill His work and His glory. 

I love you all sooo so so so much! 
Until next week,
Hna Logan

My last pictures with my last companion: