Monday, May 18, 2015

Diligence = Miracles

Post from January 26, 2015

To all I love,

This week was literally a week of miracles. Its amazing how much the Lord blesses us when we give him our all and put our trust in him. So this week we were able to work super hard and give out 8 BOMs! Almost one every day! And this weekend we fasted (mainly for a less active who really needed it, but also for ourselves) and we had a lesson super powerful with René (remember the alcholic that called us over one day?) and we were able to set a baptismal date for next saturday with him! He had his baptimal interview yesterday and he passed! It was super awesome! We are so very happy! And really we can see that when we work dilligently and trust in Him, he gives us miracles! Isnt He just the bestest??? I am soooooo grateful for my mission! I have learned a TON in only 6 months, can you imagine  what ill have learned in 18? I think I have changed quite a bit. I have been told that I talk really firm with our investigaters... and so I might be loosing my sweetness... hahaha. But then again its different, if I dont talk firm no one takes me seriously  because Im a gringa. And thats not a joke. Gringas here are like Gods. Perfect and beautiful. But hey Im using the authority that Ive been given in my calling, right;)
Well I hope you all know that the mission is great. One learns through experience all the things that they want and dont want in life. They learn to have a testimony without doubts. And how to work so that you have the spirit in you life every day! I cant thank you all enough for your support in this huge decision I made in my life. I dont regret it at all. My testimony grows every day and I know my mission is going to shape me into the person that God wants me to be. And each one of you has made a significant contribution to who I am and who I will be! And I love you all for that!
I know that God hears and answers our prayers because He LOVES us. I know that He sent His son to suffer, die, and rise again for EACH ONE OF US. I know that the BOM is the truest book in the history of man and that we can recieve personal revelation through it. And I know that the hope, love, and testimonly that one recieves from this Gospel is truely life changing. And I am soooooooo blessed to have this Gospel in my life!!!!!!!!!
with all my love,
Hna Logan

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