Monday, May 18, 2015

El Aprendizaje

Letter from May 4, 2015


So we get to skype on sunday!!!! WOOOHHHOOOOOO:))) And none of you told me when... so I'm thinking of doing it at 7 my time which I think would be four your time and five in Utah?? Well since we aren't going to be able to communicate before the call, but I hope that that's a good time for you all, hopefully before dinner?? Or, well I dont know what time that church starts or ends for all of you either... but I guess it shouldnt be a problem since no one told me a specific time... 

Well, I cant believe that we're in may! This week wasn't super thrilling. We have a rule in the mission to contact 20 people daily and well I haven't been very good about doing it every day. But this past week Hermana Mayorga and I have been working hard to contact at least 20 people every day and we have found some new investigaters:) Nothing huge, but I have the faith that for this obedience we will be blessed! Also, this week on wed we will have transfers so I might have a new companion, or a new area when we skype on sunday! One never knows when it comes to transfers! 

Well just another week of finding new investigaters and trying to improve everyday! But I am so blessed here with improving knowledge, faith, testimony, and challenges. I love to strudy the scriptures every day (something I never thought I would say, lol) Its not a chore, but something I thoroughly enjoy. I love that the Lord has blessed me with this desire and love to learn and study more! I love how as I do so, I am overwhelemed with how true our church is. How lucky we are to have the fullness of the gospel in our time! I love love love it! My testimony grows every week, even when I think it can't get any stronger or bigger, the Lord lets me know that oh, its possible! 

I know that God and Jesus Christ live, that they are two seperate and loving personages who love and know us inside and out. They know how we feel- EVERYDAY and they always listen to what we have to say! Even if we're mad and say the worst things, they listen. And they comfort. I really am so amazed at all that I have learned in only 9 months in the mission! And its things that one learns with years and years of life... but I get to learn it in this short time serving the Lord. And I am so greatful to Him, my Father in Heaven for loving me and blessing me abundantly! I can't thank Him enough! 

Funny story:
Well a funny story I thought I would share for you all is actually what happened to me today, lol. So we were walking to take out money for the month when a guy in a sombrero stopped us and started asking us questions.Then he asked us where are church is and he said "I actually see you guys walk by all the time and have been wanting to talk to you for a long time... (Here's when we thought he was going to ask if we could teach him or something like that, right? HA! THINK AGAIN) ... I just think that you are so beautiful and I want to go to your church to see you and get to know you...(He said looking at me)" And then I thanked him and told him that we cant date while we're on a mission and that I'm going to go right back to the US when I finish my mission. And he said, "Well, why don't you stay here and marry me instead?" 

Yeah, so just thought you all might enjoy this story to give you a laugh throughout the week, lol. 

Well I love and miss you all!! And hope you have a wonderful week this week:))) 

Nos veremos el Domingo,
Hermana Logan

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