Monday, May 18, 2015

Find and Feed My Sheep

Letter from March 16, 2015

Hola mi familia querida y amigos:)

How's everything going in Temecula? En the ward? The stake? With all of you?
Here's something new with me: On Friday we had a zone conference (which consists of 3 different zones together with President Kahnlein) and let me tell you it was pretty dang inspired! A lot of the chileans dont like our mission president because we have a lot more rules than many of the other missions and previous mission presidents, but if there is one thing I know, its that he ALWAYS says exactly what I (and I imagine what many other missionaries) need to hear. Not to mention we got to watch MEET THE MORMONS and I LOVED LOVED LOOOOVED IT! Did anyone else think that the fighter from Costa Rica looked a lot like Sandra Bullock? Lol. And it was super great to watch football, even just a smidge hahahaha. Not gonna lie, miss football a TON. But most of all I think the movie is completely magical. I dont know exactly why (guess we'll have to call it the Spirit) but the story of the soldier that gave candy to all the starving kids really got to me. I think of the impact that man had in thousands of lives. And it all started with a willingness to love and serve. Two peices of gum changed THOUSANDS OF LIVES. I LOVED that! I think of us as humans and when we serve someone do we realized just how much we can be changing a life? Or liVES? And that is the Savior. One man who changed OUR FUTURE all because He LOVES us. And He willingly LOOKED for people to serve in every moment! Ugh! Yeah, needless to say, I LOVED the movie:)
Also, in this conference I got to see my previous companion and she gave me all the updates on our converts. She also told me that Sergio did not get baptized for passed sins that he commited and that he doesnt quite "feel" that the church is true yet. And our converts arent doing so well either. So Im working on writing all of them so maybe I can help them.
This week we found some new investigaters who have great potential. So we're excited for them. And Im learning to be more dilligent. I've come to realize just how lazy I really am... so as they say here in Chile, "Estoy en eso" But like Heavenly Father promeses us, if we humble ourselves before Him he will make our weaknesses strong! So im trusting in that promise that if I humble myslef (which also happens to be my weakness... maybe pride is actually my weakness and therefore I dont work as dilligently as I should... hmmm never thought of that before...) Yeah so Im working on this personal process right now. Pray for me, lol.
But I have realized that my faith here on the mission has become something like a solid titanium wall. And when I say that I mean to say that its completely unbreakable. And it doesnt matter if someone super rational asks us questions that we dont know the answer to, because I know that there is an answer. There is always an answer. And with the experiences I've had in my life (which Im so darn lucky to have in my life) I know that these things are absolutely and completly true. Without a single doubt! And I hope you all can do the same. Thousands of people say that faith or believing isnt rational, but it is. Just think. Its a Loving Father who wants all of His kids to return home to him. To me thats rational. And this is the work that we need to do. If we think of a man who comes to us our of his mind, saying that he has lost his kids, what would we do? We'd do everything we could to help him find them, wouldnt we? I hope so. Thats missionary work. If you imagine that your family members are lost, what would you do? I plead with you to FIND all your brothers and sisters who are LOST.
Well gotta go, but I love you all devotedly!!!!!!!
Peter (please place you name here), do you love me? More than these?
Yea, Lord thou knowest that I love Thee.
THEN FEED MY SHEEP. When I gave you this calling it was FOREVER.
Con todo mi amor,
Hna Logan

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