Monday, May 18, 2015

Nuevo Sector

Letter from February 23, 2015

Para todos,
Well how y'all doin? Hahahaha here in chile they say, "Como estai" its really great lol. Anyways I hope you are all doing well and drawing closer to the Lord in anyway you can!
Well here I am in my new sector and I have to admit its a bit tougher than the other. Here our area is bigger and during this time in Chile everyone is on vacation... and there are a ton of turisits, too. Not to mention our sector is pretty wealthy. All the houses have doorbells outside and speakers so that they can talk to you without leaving the house, which makes things a lot harder. So we walk all day long in the burning sun and we find almost no one who is willing to listen to us. But whats really great is that we can better recognize those tender mercies from the Lord in everyday (Not to mention the great legs I'm going to have, lol). And we found someone this week who promised us he would read the BOM and that we could come back in two days. So yesterday we went to see him and he told us he randomly opened up to a page and started reading about Alma the Younger and realized that the BOM is like a bunch of stories, so he decided to start from the beginning. And he said he LOVED it. He loved it because it was like a novel and it's a lot easier to understand. It made me super happy to see someone who was so animated about the BOM! So there was a huge tender mercy for us. I think I've come to love the BOM like I love regular novels. Reading it everyday and immersing yourself in the stories and then applying the principles to your life... its helped me to have a desire to read it and I dont want to stop. And I love that Heavenly Father has given me this blessing because I never thought I would enjoy reading the BOM as much as reading other novels, to the point where I dont want to put it down. But if we really are dilligent and make time to read it everyday- and be spiritually prepared to read it- we can find that Heavenly Father blesses us with this desire. And everyday I marvel a little bit more at how AMAZING the BOM is.
So thats pretty much all with me for right now in my new area. My companion is pretty great! We laugh pretty much all the time and always annoy each other. So things are always interesting:)
Well Im trying to send pictures but I'm pretty sure its not going to work:( I promise to do my absolute best to send them!
I love you all with all my heart! And hope that you can feel closer to your Heaveny Father like I do everyday.
con mucho cariño,
Hna Logan 

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