Monday, May 18, 2015

Oh esta, toda bien

Letter from April 27, 2015

Hola seres queridos!

First of all: No the volcano is in the south part of chile so its not really affecting us here. I havent heard that we are going to get ash up here either... but Im not sure about that. Now the water.... I can understand if our water gets contaminated, it happens a lot here in Chile, lol. This will be the third or fourth time its happened during my time here. But no worries we have emergency water and also, there are special water people (not like magical water people or people made our of water but people who work specially in this aspect...) that put up water tanks in the neighborhoods so we will be just fine. Dont worry! 

Second of all I may or may not have sprained my ankle... but its okay its only a little bit and it isnt very swollen at all, so it should pass pretty quickly. 

Third of all: Heavenly Father is just the greatest! So, this week we had two little miracles happen! We found a family of four that accepted Book of Mormons and we have our second appointement with them tonight:) I really hope we can help them to really feel the spirit of the restoration! Also, we found a teenager who is sixteen and who has a lot of questions:) But he came to church yesterday and wants to come all the activities that we have this week! He's great! I love that the Gospel really answers all the questions that we as humans naturally have! And I really know that He is watching over us and helping us to find all of chosen children who are ready to hear the gospel! 

Yanett: So, yesterday we had a lesson with Yanett... And she told us that she knows that all that we have taught her is true but she is feeling a lot of pressure from the advesary and her family. She says she isnt willing to take any more steps forward because she is in this alone and that scares her. I shared with her your story mom. That you took the dicision when you were only 15 years old to make this change even though you were the only one in your family to listen to the Elders... But I keep searching for what she needs to hear... I am a bit stuck on how to help her to be brave and trust in the Lord. So I'll take any suggestions:)) 

Also, let me know what time is best for you guys to skype on mothers day. And let me know the time difference please, cuz I think I'm five hours ahead but Im not sure... But Im super excited to talk to you guys in two weeks! Maybe I'll have a nephew by then.... WHAT????? I cant even believe it! 

Well I love you guys tons! And I know that you guys are in good hands! The Lord continues to bless me every single day and I know He is blessing you all, as well:)) Continue to put Him first in all things. I know that He lives and loves each and every one of us WITHOUT A SINGLE DOUBT! 

Con todo mi amor,
Hna Logan

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