Monday, May 18, 2015


Letter from February 16, 2015

Well, I have officially left my first area in the mission after 6 months! It was pretty sad because are Bishopric had just changed and there was a sense of a huge improvement in our area and everything.Or to describe the feeling I'll use the words of a very wise man, "The best is yet to come..." Not to mention that Hermana De La Torre and I were like best friends:((( But hey thats the mish for ya, lol. But to my shock I am now in Coquimbo which is like moving from Temecula to murrieta! Hahahaha. And my new companion is Hermana Mayorga from Costa Rica! She is super sarcastic and loves to joke, so we get along really well so far:) My new area is well... Ginormous! Well at least it feels that way,lol. But there's a whole bunch more to do here on Pdays! For example do you guys remember the pic I sent of famous cross in Coquimbo? Ya, well lets just say next monday I have a date with famous view from this cross. IM. SO. STOKED. Also, we're a lot closer the ocean so I always have a super pretty view of the ocean like all the time... that I cant go in... but hey, who needs Chilean water? Also I just realized that on my birthday Im going to complete 9 MONTHS IN THE MISH!!!!! WHODATHUNKIT????
But I think I know why Im supposed to be here. My companion has been here for about 3 months without any baptisms or progressing investigaters and I can tell her enthusiasm is a bit low. And you know me I'll about the enthusiasm hahaha.
Also, I a funny story for all those who need a little laughter:
Yesterday I had to introduce myself in sacrament meeting and as I was giving information I decided to tell everyone that I was from Lima, Peru becuase theres a ton of missionary here from Utah and I thought Id do something a little different:) And let me tell ya, it was dead silent. Hahahahaha! And after my companion drew me a picture of how everyone was questioning in their minds how there could be a blonde, white skinned gringa from Peru hahahaha I loved it.
Well thats about all I have for you now, but I want you all to know that I have learned soooooooo much on my mission and Im only 7 months in! I already know many things that Im going to change in my life after, and the kind of person im going to be. I cant be grateful enough to be learning through experiences all the things that are going to help me become the person Ill be for the rest of my life. My testimony continues to grow of the scriptures, of my savior. When one walks allllllll day long in the burning sun, having door after door shut in your face and no one wants to listen; when your starving, exhausted, and constantly bearing those intimate things of the spirit you have with the people and they still reject you; you get to understand just a little tiny itty bitty bit of how your Savior felt. Everyday I grow more and more grateful for what He has done just for me. And day after day I understand a little less of why and how He could have SO much love for each and every one of us. And for this I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scripture Alma 29:9-10. I know whithout a single doubt that these things ARE TRUE. AND I DARE YOU TO FEEL THE SAME.
Siempre seré de ustedes,
les quiero con todo mi corazon,
Hermana Logan

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