Monday, May 18, 2015

Because He Lives

Letter from March 23, 2015

Wow, seams like time just passes by without asking for permission. Psssh, how rude! 

So this wedensday we're going to have transfers. I think that my companion and I have one more transfer together here in Peñuelas... But, one NEVER knows with transfers! They're literally the worst! We find out on tuesday night and we have to pack and be ready early in the morning to the bus station... but hey, missions are all about keeping you on your toes:) And they sure do accomplish their goal, lol. 


So this week I think was the best week my companion and I have had together. We have found some new investigators and our lessons are more in sync. We have gotten to the point that we can help the people feel the spirit and keep their commitments. I just love how great the spirit is! Its totally rad!!!!! Speaking of the spirit my companion and I were told last minute (and I mean as of 3 minutes before) that we need to teach the Principles of the Gospel class... so we totally used the spirit and it turned out fabulous:) 

So sometimes it just hits me how profound the gospel is. Like we're walking and all the sudden I think about the temple and the universe and then I try to picture my life without that knowledge and it blows my mind how LUCKY I am to have this knowldege in my life. That I can have such a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father and the comfort that the temple blessings bring. Does this ever happen to you? And then I think about all the people who are getting to know the gospel or who recently converted and how its going to CHANGE everything. Their perspective, their knowledge, thier relationship with their Heavenly Father, and EVERYTHING. Its SO amazing to me sometimes how blessed we are to have these truths. To have a modern-day prophet to lead us and guide us in a world that changes with the wind. Gosh, its just so freaking amazing! 
Anyways... I hope you all know that I know with all my BEING that this church is THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST. That we have the FULLNESS of the His gospel restored on the earth and that we have the authority to act in His name. I know that we have a modern-day prophet who holds the keys and authority to guide us with the words of the Lord. And I know that the 12 Apostles are special witnesses of Jesus Christ and are here to testify that He lives. Which leads me to this new video we have for Easter (has anyone else noticed that my birthday month is like the best, General Conference, Easter, spring, I was born... doesnt get much better than that, lol). Its called, "Because He Lives" and its a HIT! So we should all gird up our loins and share the best message in the world! That because He lives we will ALL live again! 

With all my love, Hna Logan

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