Monday, May 18, 2015

Sergio (Serhio)

Letter from February 9, 2015

Hola mis queridos<3
So this week was pretty great. I ate gypsy food for the first time and we were able to set a baptismal date for one of our investigaters whos name is Sergio. And he is just the best. Our first meeting with him was a little sketch because he was Evangelistic and their religion here is pretty much devil worship, lol. They believe in possesions and grand dreams and visions. Things like that. And he told us in the first lesson that he had a dream where God called him to be a prophet......... yeah. But anywhooo, now he is preparing to be baptized next sunday:)) And we're super happy for him and this decision that he has made to follow Christ. And hes super social ahahahaha he told us yesterday,"Hey, I havent met your Bishop, I want to speak with him" hahahaha hes great.
Oh and we are teaching a gypsy family! I know that sounds wierd because gypsys are almost like a tall tale in the US, but they actually exist! But not the kind that rob and all that kind of stuff, their different. Gypsys here are like a tradition. They have their own language and they only marry other gypsys and its pretty interesting. And the other day the mom gave us gypsy food! Its called "niños envuelto" which means "wrapped children" hahahahahha. Its was pretty delicious! And they said that they're probably going to come to church next week:))))
And today as a district we have an activity! We are going to go to one of the museums here in La Serena!! So next week Im going to send pics from that!
I just want you all to know that I love you dearly. That I know without a single doubt that this church is true. THat its the ONLY church of Jesus Christ and that has his authority. I know that my savior lives. That He loves me. And He loves every one of you. More than you can even imagine. And He is always waiting for your call...(thats what we would call prayer;)) So pick up the phone and give your dad a call!
Con todo mi amor!
Hna Logan

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