Monday, May 18, 2015

El Poder del Testimonio


Wow, well I only have like five mins to write this....

This week my  companion and I were working really hard to find the people prepared to hear the gospel. And our investigater, Gabriel got really complicated, I'll have to finish that story next week. But Right now we are just working super hard and improving our teaching so we can bring the spirit to everyone we teach.

Its been interesting for me this week because we have an investigater from michagan who only speaks english and I been able to relflect a lot on my testimony because he pretty much isnt sure about anything! And I LOVE LOOVE LOOOOVE that this  gospel allows us the know absolute truth! And know with a surety, not only to believe but to know! 

And I really love how my mission has helped me to grow that knowledge. That God exists, that He is my Father and He loved me soo much that He sent His son to suffer and die for ME. Everyday there are people who attack our beliefs, our faith, our testimonys, but with the strength of my Savior I know that NOTHING and NO ONE can tear down the testimony that I have. 

I invite everyone who reads this to look for this testimony. And to find it. Becuase you're really going to need it!

With all my love,
Hna Logan

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