Monday, May 18, 2015

El Poder del Ayuno

Letter from February 2, 2015

Hola mi queridos! 

Okay so this week we had a baptism! And let me tell you the power that Satan can have when someone makes this very important and sacred dicision! But guess what? Heavenly Father is MORE powerful! And in the words of one talk that I heard at BYU-I "Suck it Satan!" Hahahaha! Thats right, someone acrually said that at the pulpit and I often say it in my mind, lol. But the week before my companion and I fasted for Rene and some other poeple we are working with and he accepted a baptismal date! Then this week was fast sunday and so obvisouly we fasted again and everything worked out just fine! But heres the story:
Rene works out of town almost the entire week and he was coming home from his work trip (four hours away) And then going to his baptism. And there are so many things that could  have happened in that he couldnt make it on time, but he did:) Then as we were organizing the baptism NONE of the bishopric could make it to the baptism! And if the bishopric is there to lead it, then the Mission Leader has to, but if he cant, then the Zone leaders need to lead it. And in our ward we have a Mission Leader and his assistant. And our Misson Leader also couldnt make it to the baptism! And almost everyone we called to invite to the baptism to be the witnesses, to give talks, nor to baptize him could come. We were definitley biting our nails! But then we got a call from Rene(at 4:00pm) that he was an hour and a half away and his baptism was set for 7pm. And after that call we were able to get a hold of all we needed. And everything turned out fine! And on top of that we had two investigaters at the baptism:) Oh! And the Elders have to go early to the church to fill up the font, but the Elder who did it only turned on the hot water handle and if you do that then the water doesnt fill up very fast! So at like 6:15 it was about midcalf hight, but super hot! And its a good thing that Rene is short because en the end the water was just above his knees, lol. But I swear if we hadnt have fasted, it wouldnt have turned out at all. So that was pretty much a great miracle for this week!
Okay and this week we had interviews with our mission president but IN OUR HOUSES and A HOUSE INSPECTION! And let me tell you our house... well lets just say its... SPECIAL. But more than that I would like you all to imagine my mission president for a sec: 6' 7 or 8, half German, and half Argentinian and PURE POWER...(and for those of you who dont know what an Argentinian is like they are well known for their firm character, they say what they think and thats that. SO you can imagine all of these characters together...) And I dont think Im scared of him, but I want to make sure that he approves of everything. And so all of last week was pretty stressfull in trying to get everything ready for him, lol.
But I love you all and I hope you all know that my testimony continues to grow every day! I have no doubt that what Im doing is from the Lord and that the Spirit is always with me to protect me and help me touch the hearts of the people!
And I will strive for the rest of my life to be worthy of its guidance and companionship
With all my heart and soul,
Hna Logan

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