Wednesday, January 7, 2015

El Amor de Dios

Letter from November 10, 2014

Hola todos!
Wow, so this week has been awesome! I have officially had my first baptism and confirmation! The boy(Alan)  that I said we were teaching and his mom who is a less active! But more that my first baptism I had the chance to truly see the light that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings to us. When we first showed up at their house the mom was very sad. She was inactive because when she and her husband separated she felt very judged, no one said hi to her, or visted her when she was sick and so she just fell away. And she had anger towards the members of the Church for this. But it was never because she didnt have a testimony. And as we started teaching Alan she would teach him too, explain things so he could understand them, and she would bear a STRONG testimony of what she was talking about. And so when we committed her to coming to church for her son, she agreed. Because she wanted him to get baptized because she knows how important it is. And literally every day that we would teach him she would be a bit happier and share more intimate feelings and her testimony. New experiences she has had with revelation. Until we were having a ball with each other! And Alan! He is wonderful! Super shy but wonderful! He would go to his mom on sunday morning and try to get her to wake up for church! He even made a half box (our of half a cereal box) to hold all his church books and put pictures of Jesus and the prophets around it! Hes adorable! And this week he too has been sooooo happy! He literally just glows sometimes! And the second week at church his mom (Brenda) was very silent. She would be very warm with us but at church we would come in jeans, with sunglasses and wouldnt say hi to anyone. But this week the change... I cant even describe how different it is! When Alan was baptized she wore a skirt and gave a talk that was SO powerful! And now she shares with us how she wants to share the gospel and help other less actives. Oh man! I literally have watched light enter their eyes and begin to glow! And something special she shared with me was this:
She was asking me about my family so I showed her the photos I carry with me and one of them is the pic of all of us with our hand guns (except Andrew of couse because hes the white wone in our family:)) ANd when she saw this photo she started crying. She said I LOVE this photo. This photo is God. I can literally see the Love of God in your eyes. And I want to share this photo with everyone. And she told me, you need to share this photo with those you teach. That this what they are missing. A family full of JOY. And she told me how lucky I was to have such a blessed family. And it just really touched my heart. Because I know that I have an amazing family but to have someone else cry when they saw a pic of us... It made me really want to say that I am So grateful for you guys. For my AMAZING family! I think, that we have definitley come a long way, but just look at us. We are so blessed and we have so many amazing memories. SO I just want to say thank you for all you have done for me. For being the best family in the world!
And really thats why I am here. Its like that plaque that says "Missonary: Someone that leaves their family for a short time so that other families can be together forever" Because that is the joy and the hope we get to share with the world. That if one of their family members dies tomorrow, its NOT the end. That we are all going to be together forever! I know this Gospel is true. I know that God exists! That he is just WAITING for you to talk to Him. Because He is ALWAYS listening. And when you open that door, the blessings you recieve are so grand "you wont even have room enough to recieve them!" I love the fact that I get to share that message with the world and that we as members have that responsibility! Becuase that is what God is all about. LOVE.
I LOVE ALL OF YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!!!!! And hope you have a wonderful week!
Con todo mi alma, amor, corazón, y fuerza,
Hna Logan

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