Monday, November 3, 2014

How Firm a Foundation

Hola familia y amigos míos!

How Firm a Foundation has been running through my mind this entire week! Because of the one line that says, "Fear not, I am with thee, oh be not dismayed, for I am your God and will still give thee aid! I'll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand. Upheld by my righteous, upheld by my righteous, upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand!"

I remeber singing this at womens coference with Mom, Raechel, and Ashley and we were all balling, lol. And now I am full of gratidud for my God who has been with me this week, given me aid, strengthened me, helped me, and caused me to stand. Gosh, this week has truely been one of milagros! 

First of all Alan (our investigator with a baptismal date) has recieved all the lessons this week and we had a pre-interview with him and he passed with FLYING colors! And his baptism is this saturday! And honestly the best part has been seeing how happy he and his mom are. I remember the first time we taught his mom and she was so depressed, timid, and reluctant. And Alan was SOOO shy he would barely say anything. And now everytime we go to their house There are huge smiles on their faces! Alan is constantly giggling, moving around, and you can just see the changes that the Gospel brings into the lives of children of God! I LOVE going to teach them! 

Then there is Antonia (9 years old) and her mom Araceli. Her mom is kind of a less active. She works out of town for 2 weeks every two weeks and her parents are hard core catholics. So when she is gone her parents wont let Anotnia go to church. But Antonia is this sweet, smart girl who really wants to do the right thing. So she is our other investigator with a baptimal date! For the 29th of Nov. Because her mom leaves this friday for work. 

Then there is Manwel Jesus. He is an older guy. He doesnt really understand a lot at first, so we have to explain things really well. But he definitley has an intrest in learning more about our church, etc.

And this week as most of you know was fast sunday. And we were fasting with all our hearts that these people would all come to church yesterday! We have worked  VERY hard this week with them and they all said they would come. So then came sunday. And we waited and waited, and waited and no one. But we didnt give up hope. We knew we needed to have faith. So we were sitting in the sac meeting. And first comes Alan and his Mom. Then during the testimonies comes Manwel Jesus, then lastly comes Antonia and her mom! I was SOOOO full. Full of gratitud, of love, of the spirit. And on top of that our recent converts were all there and most of our less actives! In fact there is this 9 year old girl (Catalina) who is a recent convert and her mom is a less active, but her grandma is super active. But Cata hasnt been coming to church. And there she was on sun! And her Grandma told us that she didnt say anything to Cata, but that she woke up, got dressed and ready all on her own! So I am sitting there full of gratitud and happiness when Cata gets up, walks over to where we are sitting, and tells me she wants to bear her testimony. And I say, "Oh, you want to bear your testimony? okay..." but I didnt understand why she came over to us to tell me. Then she asked, "Will you come with me?" Ugh, I was so honored that she wanted me to go with her, but then I knew I was going to have to bear my testimony... but I couldnt say no to her. So we went and she gave the sweetest testimony! I didnt even tell her anything to say! And then I gave my testimony and it was short and simple. But really I just wanted to cry I was so happy! 

So I just want you all to know that when we truely have faith and do OUR part (this is very important!) God WILL be with us, lift up us to do the impossible, stregthen us, and cause us to stand. He hears our prayers, and he DOES answer them! 

I love you all with all my heart and I know that Heavenly Father has you all in mind. If you dont believe me read Alma 26:37. 

Con todo mi corazón, fuerte, amor, y mente, 
Hna Logan 

Me and my compañera. 
Our investigator Alan with his mom.
Alan again.
Alan made a cardboard cover for his scriptures!
Antonia was a zombie for halloween.
Us with Alan and his mom after he passed his pre-baptism interview!
Me with Antonia and her mom.

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