Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

Letter from December 23, 2014

Hola familia y amigos!

Are you all stoked for Christmas? I know I am! I love that this time of year we have the oportunity to talk with everyone about our Savior Jesus Christ. I love that during this time the people are a little more open to listening to us; a little more sensitive to this theme. Its pretty beautiful.

Anyways... I learned something this week:) I learned that the power of a testimony is huge. That really when we testify, there is nothing that the people can say to contradict us. For example: Yesterday we ran into a guy who says hes christian but we are pretty sure hes Evagelical. And he wanted to talk with us, but only to Bible bash. Granted, he isnt one to raise his voice or anything, but still he just wanted to contradict, or confuse us. But to every question we had an answer and then he would change the subject all of a sudden, lol. And after about 20mins of our time we told him we needed to go. But during this time neither of us had testified to him of these things. And I remembered the promise we have that when we testify no one can contradict us. That we can bring the spirit and we wont be confounded before men, but our words will counfound the wise. And so I testified to him. And he couldnt say anything. And then my companion testified and it was like, I dont know. He was definitely confounded. And I learned, well more like solidified, my testimony of this promise. That the prophet and the 12 apostles have given us. And it doesnt matter who comes to me and tries to convince me of thier beliefs or change mine. It doesnt matter. Because what we have learned according to the spirit, we cant deny. And NOBODY can take it away from us. And I think I understand a little bit more of how Joseph Smith felt after his vision. That thousands of people tried to tell him that what he saw was false, that he was wrong, confused, disilussioned. But he KNEW it. And he KNEW that God KNEW it. And he COULD NOT DENY IT. And now I really KNOW that its true. That what the Spirit testifys to us brings us the absolute truth. And when we know and feel this truth in our hearts and souls, we cant deny it. And people can try to take it away, but they cant. And thats the power of God. Of the Spirit. Of a testimony. 

I know Christ was born. That he suffered. He died. And then he rose again. I know that He LIVES. That he has come. AND HE WILL COME AGAIN. I know that what I know was given to me by the Spirit. And I CANNOT and I WILL NOT deny it. 


I love you all and I look forward to seeing my wonerful family in two days!!!

Con todo mi corazon y amor,
Hna Logan

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