Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pictures from the Last Two Months

With Hermana Torrijo

My first baptism!

The elders being weird

This is an investigator named Clara. She is awesome and is a model of tourist attraction here in La Serena. I don't really know what it is, but its by the beach.

A blind women named Angela who is in our stake and wants to serve a mission!

My last picture with Hermana Herrera!

A pretty place called Coquimbo, where we had to go for transfers.

The famous cross in Coquimbo

My new trainee

The awful state of our tiny yard that we spent days working on

All clean!

We had a recent activity at church and the Relief Society gave us the dolls that are called "Muñecas" and they hand make them! They were giving them out to all the girls in the primary for Christmas and the boys got a little tie. But they gave me and my companion one too! I love it!

Rockin the good ol' santa hat

My comp rockin her hat

Singing to children in the hospital for Christmas Eve

Christmas dinner - these are kinda like tater tots, but not. But they are super delicious!

One of our recent baptisms

For those who thought I was over-exaggerating about the whole spider thing... No joke this was the size of my palm! And it's venom will kill you.

New Years

New Years

Adorable kitten that was sleeping funny

Skyping with Ellen on Christmas Day

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