Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Year

Letter from January 5, 2015

Hola hola hola!

Happy New Year everyone:))) 2015, WHHHHAAATTT??????

Wait whhhhaaaattttt why is there snow in Temecula? And not even like a little but a LOT!!!!!! I cant believe it!!!! Like I literally cant believe it! Especially because summer is starting here and its getting hotter and hotter in the day. But woooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! Lol. Temecula is changing! Haha!

Okay so this week for New Years we had the same options like we did for christmas. We could eat dinner with a family and stay with them until 11pmat night. And at midnight we could go outside in our front yard and watch the fireworks... but our new years wasnt really like that. We ate dinner super early, like at 8:30 and so we were in our house by 10:30 and then we slept. Hahaha we didnt hear anything of music or fireworks. Haha! So that was my new year:) 

Also I dont know if you guys know this, but our key indicators have changed in the mission. Now we only have three things to plan for instead of like 12. We are focusing on these three things: baptisms, BOMs, and how many people asisted sacrament meeting. Usually we plan daily for lessons, new investigators, and all that but now, no. Its wiiiieeerrrrdd. Because we are like going against Preach my Gospel ahaha. But at the same time I love it because we are focusing more on baptism, retaining, and reactivating. All at the same time, all the time. And especially we are finding more less actives who have recieved their endowments. So in this way we are changing and making new goals for this year as a church! Becuase the First Presidency changed this, not us. And I love that we have a modern day prophet to guide us in these latter days!!!!!!

Also recently we had transfers and luckily my hija stayed with me:) So we have a new transfer to work hard in these indicators and with our ward:)

Also..... This chica finished the BOM in spanish! From cover to cover! And now I have started it again:) And I love in our mission we get a new BOM from President every three months with a new key to mark certain themes. Which I love, love, looooovveee. And we also got one in english so Im going to be reading them both together! I love the BOOOKK OF MORMOOONN:)))

Well I hope you all are loving this new year and are setting achievable goals that your going to complete! I dont really have set personal goals, only with my companion and as a missionary... but heres some things I need to work on:

1. Be more patient (funny how this seems to always be my goal.... ahahahaha) with the people here in chile and teach more with love and less of telling them to just cut the crap hahaha.
2. Be more obedient. Especially with time, sometimes we are a few minutes late, or something like that which I need to work on. Also, Chileans talk a TOOOONN and that is not an understatement. So we have to learn how to make lessons shorter so we can work more effeciently. 
3. WRITE IN MY JOURNAL DAILY!!! I dont know why this is always such a struggle for me! But by golly Im gonna do it! 

Well I think that is about all I can handle hahaha. Pray for me that I can improve in these things!

Well I love you all and know that God is watching over you and blessing you while I am away doing His errand! 

Hna Logan

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