Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

Letter from December 29, 2014

Hola hola hola!!!

Okay so it was sooooo awesome to see you guys for christmas! And I love that with the technology today I could see Raechel and Devon, Andrew and Ashley, and Ronnie (I think I saw like half of Marshall's face,too hahaha)! I have to admit it was really wierd to talk to you guys, too. Especially in english! WOW, super wierd hahahaha. But it really made my christmas! Plus the family that we were with have a daughter in Brazil on her mission and she called them for skype while they were cooking our lunch, so of couse my companion and I told them to move aside and that we'll cook while they talk to their daughter. And the mom handed me a christmas apron! And I dont know why but then it really felt like christmas hahaha. Cooking with a christmas apron:) 

Basically I love you all toooooooonnnnnsssss and thanx for making me cry hahahaha. 

Well this past saturday we had a baptism of a nine year-old girl named Antonia. It was all kind of rushed because her mom is a member, but kind of a less-active. She works 14 days up north per month and the rest she has off. So she can asist 2 times a month. But she only asists 1 time a month because she wants to rest on the other sunday. Which made it really hard for he daughter to get baptized because she needs 3 attendences (is that okay? I cant even speak English anymore hahaaha I had to search for this word in my dictionary because I couldnt for the life of me remember it in English but it still doesnt sound right hahahaha) in order to get baptized. But its more complicated than that. If she gets baptized on the third sunday that she attends she has to wait 2 more weeks for the gift of the holy ghost... which we prefer not to do because its just bad to wait that long. So our Zone Lider called our mission president to ask if she could get baptized with 2 attendences. And he said yes! So woohhooo we had a baptism this weekend! Buuuuuut we still have to work with the mom. Because she doesnt have a very strong testimony and she cares more for money and those things of the world more than the blessings of the Lord. And she thinks that after baptism, its over.... WRONG! But hey, we have the Lord on our side, so I know it will all work out:)

Also, I am going to finish the BOM in spanish on wendsday. It only took me an infinity to get this far ahahaha. But Im super excited that Im going to finish it for the first time super soon! 

Well I love you guys with all my heart and I know that God is watching over you and blessing you immensly. I know sometimes we cant recognize them but they're there. As long as we are obedient he blesses us. And I know that we all have trials and challenges for a reason. Because if we dont have them, we cant progress. We would stay in one state forever. Never improving, learning, or growing. And so now I can understand a little bit more what they mean when they say, "Love your trials" or, "Come what may and Love it" because every trial that we conquer we get one step closer to God. One step closer to being stronger and perfect. And thats why we're here on earth. To test our faith. And how can our faith be tested if we never have trials? I have learned that when we have trials we need to pray a little harder, read a little more, SEARCH for the Lord in every moment to help you. And He will. I have no doubt about this. Sometimes we have to sacrifice a little bit more, give EVERY LAST BIT OF OURSELVES to Him. And eventually in His own time He will bless us. And I have been SO blessed! I have an AMAZING family and friends! And most importantly I have had the opportunity to know and be apart of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know its true. With every fiber of my being and every day I know it a little bit more. God knows you! He knows how you feel and what you need. And He is searching for ways to bless you everyday. 

Tengan un día tan bonita y llena con el espíritu de Dios. 

Hermana Logan

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