Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Perfect Plan

Letter from December 8, 2014


Ok so this week was pretty good. We made some headway with a man of 69 years. He is Evangélico... I dont really know if there is a an equivalent in the US to them... I would think Evangelists...? But the Evangélicos here are very extreme. They sing a yell some not so nice words in front of houses. And they are pretty short with us, lol. But this man (Manuel Jesus) isnt like that at all. We had some lessons with him with members that were AWESOME! Because at first he would NOT pray. Ever! And so the other day we taught him about forgiveness, and the Atonement (because we felt that he didnt feel worthy to pray) and we watched some powerful videos. Then we testified to him that none of us our perfect but Heavenly Father still wants to hear from us. And we asked him to say the closing prayer and he DID IT! And his prayer was soooooooo humble. Then we called him every night to remind him to pray:) And then we had a lesson with him and taught him about repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. And then we invited him to be baptized. And he said no. That he is worried that after he is baptized he will fall of the wagon again. And we explained to him the Sacrament and that we can be clean once again every week... and he thought a little bit more. And he still said no- that he doesnt deserve basptism, but we could tell that he was thinking really hard about it. And I know that he WILL make this decision. Because I know that he is going to think about baptism a lot during this week. 

Also, we found this youth (Edgardo) that has a TON of questions about the plan of salvation. And I LOVED LOVE LOVED teaching him about it because the Plan of Salvation is SO perfect! And the look of understanding that the people have when they hear it! It has all the answers to the quesitions of the soul. And he told us, "Wow, this is something that I have always asked and wondered..." it was amazing! 

And I love that when we teach the people and testify to them about what we are teaching, our own testimonys are strengthened. I mean I used to hate teaching the plan of salvation because I didnt know it very well and because its pretty long and intimidating. But now I think its my favorite! I truely understand now (since Ive been studying this lesson a TON this week) of how perfect this plan is. And I KNOW that it is true. First of all it just makes plane sense. And second its beautiful! Its full of hope, mercy, and love. And I know that only God could have made it because its perfect and He is perfect. I love how much I am learning here on my mission and all the wonderful experiences I have had! I truely understand why people grow sooo mcuh and change soooo much during this time! 

I dont know anything about christmas yet. Only that for sure we get to skype. But Im going to ask this week about all of it! Promise! 


Con cariño y todo de mi corazón,
Hna Logan

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