Thursday, September 4, 2014

Week One in Chile!


Okay wow what a couple of days it has been. So the plane ride from Mexico was 8 and a half hours,but it all went pretty smoothly- one of the Elders in my district gave out two BOM on the plane lol. When we finally made it through customs our Mission Prez was right there and they immediately put us on the bus to Viña- so sorry I didnt get to call or email when we arrived:((( Then when we got to Viña my mission prez said okay we are going to put you in companionships and you need to give out a BOM, write down one contact (get their address, name, and telephone) and have someone give you the directions to this address(the mission home address) and make your way there when you are done! So the first like two hours in Chile I was roaming around the unkown city (luckily with a latina companion who spoke Spanish- and she was from Trijillo, Peru!- and another gringa who knew spanish better than me) trying to get a contact, give out a BOM, and find the mission home. It was intresting lol. But we completed the task! When we finally arrived to the mission home we had a lot of videos and information to watch, etc. The first night us new Hermanas slept in a hotel,  oh and by the way its pretty dang COLD here. I did not bring enough winter clothes! 

Then the next morning I found out that I am going all the way to La Serena which is a 7 hour bus ride from Viña and is the most northern part of our mission. My new companion is Hma Maldonado. So I arrived in my first area at around 2 in the morning and arrived at my house with my companion and was in bed by lik,e 3:30. So it was quite a lot of traveling for awhile, lol. My first day I just wanted to die. I could NOT understand ANYONE! Oh, gosh the people here talk SO fast. And my companion is Argentinian. She knows quite a bit of english which I am SO grateful for. Oh,sidenote: all the latinas in our mission have to learn English, too and take a test on it. She only has six weeks left in her mission and so I have to learn our area and the people here really well in the next six weeks! My companion is pretty awesome, she is super patient with me and will tranlate the best she can things I dont understand. But still we both carry around our dictionaries to communicate, lol.
But so far our lessons have all been great. I love the people here! And with girls you always kiss cheeks when you say hi and bye(which is Chau here). I love it! Plus the Bishop and some people know English (in fact I get to teach them English- which is a nice break for me lol.) And two of the Elders in my district are grngos so we can talk in English:)
So this week has been both great and crazy hard! There have been times where I  just want to break down and times where I want to jump for joy! Each day I can understand more and more of the spanish here and I know that the Lord is blessing me in all my efforts to improve in the language. 

Funny stories:

My companion told me my feet were on fire... found out later she was trying to say they were tan, lol. 

I told our bishop that I have 19 siblings cuz I thought he was asking me how old I was...

Well I love you all so much! Cant wait to hear from you next week!!!!
Con Dios!

Hermana Logan

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