Monday, September 22, 2014

Fourth Week in Chile


HAAAAPPPYYY BIIIRRTTHHDDAAY TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I realized after we left the computers last week that I forgot to say it, but I did remember and I actually said Happy Birthday to you on your birthday... maybe you heard it??

AWWWW Jane looks awesome! My district leaders and my compañera and I have been praying for her health and looky here! Man someone give her a big hug for me!
So this week wasn't very eventful... the days are starting to pass by faster and I can't believe my compañera is leaving in two weeks and I am going to have to teach my new compañera about the investigators and where they live, where everything is, really... yeah, wow.
My spanish... hmmm... well it seams to come in waves. There will be times and certain people where I get everything they're saying, and then others where I got nothin. Also, there are a lot of times where I understand the words but not the meaning of their sentence... I dont know it's wierd. But my ability to understand improves everyday:) Thanks to a very loving and merciful Heavenly Father. Not going to lie the hardest part of my mission right now is the language. And so its pretty frustrating. But I know that it allows me to humble myself and that way I can feel and share the Spirit easier. So it evens out... but they say it takes about 3 months to finally start understaning and speaking the language pretty fluently... so only two more months! Yay...
This week was the Fiestas Patrias (Independence day of Chile: Sep 18th) and so the 17, 18, 19. and 20th was pretty hard for finding and teaching people because they were visiting with family and there were like NO people in the streets! But we had Almuerzo with some recent converts (for about 2 months) and the big thing to eat on the 18th is bbq! So we had bbqed beef and pork which was super yummy! And then the next day we had Almuerzo with them again and they make a stew with the bbqed meat called "ajiaco" which was frapping good, too. And my compañera made no bake cookies but here they are called "caca de mono" which is monkey poop hahahahahahha.
Oh and we found some new investigators this week but we can't visit them until after this week with the holiday. Its really amazing how accepting the people are of the BOM and with speaking with us. Even if they aren't interested they will be really nice about it. And last night we were contacting and we came across this woman who was not interested and yada-yada and my compañera asked if we could come in and sing a song for her, so we went in her house and she started telling us about her work, etc... and she started crying! And I don't know why because I couldn't really understand her crying voice, but we were able to sing and share the BOM and a scripture with her. And it's amazing sometimes how the Lord does prepare people for us to teach and also for us to listen to!
Gosh, we receive tender mercies from the Lord EVERY DAY! My testimony of His hand in our lives has been strengthened this week a LOT! So I challange all of you to start writing down a tender mercy or miracle that you receive every day! I promise you that if you do this, you will be overwhelmed with how much the Lord has you in mind! I love my Heavenly Father with ALL my heart and yes, this work is hard, but also my testimony has been strengthend SO much. I love all of you SO SO much and I know that Heavenly Father KNOWS and LOVES each and every one of you!
I hope you all have an amazing week and that Jane continues to improve!
con todo mi amor,
Hermana Logan

Our District
Me and my compañera

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