Monday, August 25, 2014

My Last Day in the CCM! Off to Chile!

Hola mi amorosos!

I cant believe I am leaving here in just 3 and half hours for the airport! It still hasn't totally hit me yet! But I am so excited to see Chile and start teaching real investigators! Soy muy agradacido por todo aprendo en el CCM y todo español aprendo aqui. Although I am not quite sure if I am ready to speak spanish with all the people in Chile... I have a funny story that I want to share about my spanish:

So yesterday I was called to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting (I dont know if I have mentioned this, but every sunday they call on people right then and there to speak without letting them know ahead of time. So you just sit there sweating your skin off, anxiously awaiting your name to be called). So I get up and I give my talk and afterward the Zone president told me he was very impressed with my spanish and the spanish of our whole district. So there I was feeling good about myself and my spanish and all was well with the world. Then, we were eating lunch with the zone presidency and our zone president´s family, and I, being the overconfident person I was, tried to tell his little boys that they were very handsome. Then his youngest boy tells his dad he thought I was speaking french... So yeah now I am not feeling so great about my spanish lol. But I learned something pretty great via the Spirit this week. We were reading in Ether 12 (Quite the coincidence ha Mom?) and we were discussing how Heavenly Father gives us weaknesses that we may be humble. So I realized that Heavenly Father has missionaries learn a new language so that they might be humble. And so when I am bearing my testimony in broken spanish, I can bear it humbly and simply. That allows us to have the Spirit better than anything else. And just like the experience with Brigham Young: a simple and humble testimony is the most powerful. So I know that Heavenly Father will bless me and qualify me for this work and for Chile!

I am sooooooo excited to go teach the people in Viña and to bring the world His truth. I know this gospel is true. I KNOW it, God KNOWS it, and I CANNOT DENY IT! I love this Gospel and I all of you. I pray for all of you EVERYDAY and like 10 times a day! And guess what? Heavenly Father answers our prayers! 

Well, goodbye for now! I'm off to Chile!!!!!!

Adios! Con amor,

Hermana Logan

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