Monday, September 15, 2014

My Week of Firsts and Milagros!

Hola everyone!


Also, not sure I mentioned this, but one of the rules of our mission is we cant drink Coke! I KNOW IT KILLS ME!!! Man it's like one of the biggest sacrifices cuz coke is EVERYWHERE here!

Also one of the goals in our mission is to read a certain number of chapters in the Libro de Mormon (LDM - Book of Mormon in Spanish) every day. And so I was reading the LDM and the BOM side by side so I could understand it. Then one Elder told me I should read the LDM only with my dictionary for all the words I don't know and then it would help me with my Spanish. So I started doing that and the first day I read 3 verses in one hour... yeah I know, LAME. So that was about 5 days ago. This morning I read 12 verses! I improve with my reading every day and now I can understand the wording in the scriptures SO much better! 

So this week I call my week of firsts because I had a lot of firsts this week, lol. And milagros means miracles. Everyday Hermana Maldanado and I write in our agendas like at least one miracle a day! There´s a lot so here I go:


  • Zone conference. There are five Elder companionships and only us Hermanas in my zone. But yeah it was a pretty cool thing and I cited the missionary purpose in Spanish in front of them... good thing they pounded that into our heads in the CCM because my compañera didn't tell me I was reciting it until like 5min before the meeting started... lol. MILAGRO!
  • Intercambios. Or splits with the sister training leaders! Oh gosh did I LOVE that! I was with Hermana Page (whose brother also served in Tucson at the same time as Taylor, spanish speaking, and so she is convinced they know each other! So Taylor if you know an Elder Page from your mission it's her brother!) and she is freaking AWESOME! First off it was nice to just speak English a little bit! That day I had SO many milagros from Heavenly Father it was crazy! And her spirit and confidence in me, made me more confident in myself! Which brings me to my next first...
  • El Libro de Mormon. Thats right everyone I place my first LDM with only a little help from Hermana Page but it was mainly my doing:) It was pretty great!
  • Rain. That wasn't too big of a deal... but the Chileans are like super freaked out by the rain and they like WON'T go outside lol.
  • Service project. So it was changed because it was raining so we just helped set up the ward activity for independence day. AND I GOT TO WEAR PANTS OUTSIDE MY HOUSE! WOOOOOOO!
  • Ward activity/Fiestas Patrias. So the day of independence isn't until the 18th but they have already started celebrating. Our ward activity was awesome, lol. They had dance competitions, karaoke, and costumes. It was awesome! They take this holiday pretty SERIOUSLY!
  • Baptismal service. No not with our investigators, but with the Elders'. But it was still really nice! It was a sister and brother. One 9, the other 11. 

Ok now for my day of MILAGROS:

  • On the way to meet the Sister Training Leaders we couldn't get a cab for like 20min and then out of nowhere this totally empty taxi honks at us and so we get in.
  • 5min into the ride the taxi gets a flat tire, so the driver pulls over and fixes it. Then when he's done he goes to start the car and it won't start. So I said a prayer in my heart that it would start PLEASE and the next try it started! MILAGRO! 
  • Then for Hna Page and my goals for the day we wanted to pass out both of our LDMs. And it was 9pm and she still hadn't passed hers out. And we were going to a less active´s house so there wasn't a chance she was going to. Then as we were talking the women said she wanted a LDM to give to her dad! MILAGRO!
  • Then by the time we left her house it was 9:57. We had THREE mins to get home! So we RAN OUR BUTTS OFF and guess what? Made in the door by exactly 10pm

The church is freaking true! I love you all SOOOOO much and I know Heavenly Father is watching over you for me! 

You are all forever in my prayers!

The cast of one of the member's hands - he wrote "Me gusta" on his thumb, lol! (Like a Facebook like)

Me and my compañera


This dog looks just like our old dog, Billy!

Ward activity decorations

Cute little Chilean boy

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