Friday, August 15, 2014

4th Week Down!

Hola mis amorosos!

Man, do I love all y'all! I pray for all of you EVERYDAY and hope you feel my love for everyone of you! I have been truly blessed with the best humans in my life! Thank you for all you've done for me and helped me to become the person I am today! Also, thank you for writing me! It always makes my week!

So this week has been kinda crazy! I may or may not have gotten sick... there was-as people are calling it- a huge plague that hit here this past week! There were only 3 out of our 7 Elders who didn't get hit. I was hit with a fever and I couldn't keep anything down for like a solid two days. It make me pretty homesick, too. Missing my amazing, nurturing family and the pleasures of America, but I was so grateful for the Hmas here that took care of me and dealt with my miserable self. Plus my sickness only lasted two days and I am so grateful that I was able to recover so quickly!

But no worries, I am all good:) 

So the sounds of Mexico City are pretty dandy! We got the Hunger Games canon which goes off like 10 times a day at least. They say its the Catholic churches surrounding us-but i don't know what for,. Then of course, there's the blaring horns of traffic/some kind of train/bus horn that crazy long. Lastly, there are fireworks that go off during broad daylight, lol. Oh, and Ron will love this- every Saturday night the hill of houses surrounding us have an ALL NIGHT FIESTA that is still going on when we wake up in morning! 

Oh, and in case you thought mt getting sick was bad luck: NOPE, WRONG AGAIN! (Just for you Andrew:)) I got bleach on my plain black skirt-right on the front where everyone can see! So if you know of anyway I  can fix it, please let me know! 

Ok, now for all things spiritual:

This week we talked a lot about how to know whether you're teaching by the spirit or not. Which I have been struggling with because I know hen I bear my testimony/pray during lessons that its supposed to bring the spirit-but I just wasn't sure if it was truly happening because sometimes you just answer questions and strain to have them understand you and afterwards you wonder if that is impeding the presence of the spirit... son one of our maestras showed us a video from Elder Bednar and I really loved what he had to say:
  •  Many of you wonder,"How do I know if what I'm saying or doing is what the spirit would have me say or do. Heres your answer:
  • Be obedient, be the best missionary you can and press forward. Everything you need to know is to just DO. Do everything you can- sometimes without really knowing why. And you may not know it at the exact moment it happens- but it IS a spiritual prompting.

And then this morning I came across 2 Nephi Chapter 33 during personal study and I FELL in love with it! Its Nephis last words and I just replaced my name with his throughout the chapter. It was AWESOME! It was EXACTLY how I feel! I want all of you to PLEASE go and read it and then know that is what I want to share with the world! Believe in Christ! Believe in His words-Believe this Book is His word, for he will tell you that these words are His and that they ARE TRUE!

Man I cant believe I only have 13 more days here! THE WEEKS HAVE JUST FLOWN! But Im so grateful for all that I have learned here that I KNOW will help me in the field, for HE SHALL prepare a way for me! 


Con todos mi amor,
Hermana Logan

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