Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Love the Lord!

HOLA everyone!!!!

So I'm going to try to make this short cuz I have a lot of pics to send and they take forever! Plus I can only send two at a time. So I'll start off by answering a few questions and some funny things that happened this week:
  • The food here is actually not that bad. Today we had one of those rare occasions of American food, fried chicken! But usually its like some kind of meat or taquitos or something. Its definitely NOT as good as Ron´s cooking- NOT EVEN CLOSE, but its typical cafeteria food. And there is always cereal and a salad bar.
  • So it POURS here like every few days! I mean it FLOODS the walkways and grass EVERY TIME it rains. lol. 
  • Found out my companion talks in her sleep! Like you can have full on conversations with her! She even sings when asked! Lol. It literally was the funniest thing! 
  • So my first investigator turned out to be our new 2nd teacher. So, our investigators are played by our teachers, but they play REAL people(like friends of theirs or something). So now we are teaching two different "investigators" played by our teachers.
  • Spanish is coming along, I can understand the majority of what is said, but I don´t speak it too well yet. I sound pretty much like a caveman but I know with a lot of effort it will come!
Okay now for the spiritual stuff from our devotionals this week:
  • The apostles spent HOURS upon HOURS upon YEARS to make PMG, so we need to spend at least HOURS studying all that they made for us. 
  • in Relief society we talked about the patters on the lord (D&C 52:14) and how we usually follow the pattern of Adam and Eve. We are in the Garden of Eden and then thrust out into the lone and dreary world. Like the MTC was the lone and dreary world but will come a garden of Eden until we are cast out to the lone and dreary world of our mission, etc. Yet the Lord will ALWAYS prepare and provide a way for us to accomplish all we are asked to do and get out of our comfort zones.
  • And in another devotional we learned that we need to obey the Lord because we LOVE him. And we must love him BECAUSE HE LOVED US FIRST! BEING HIS REPRESENTATIVE IS A PRIVILEGE SO DON'T WAIST A SINGLE SECOND, FOR HE NEVER DID!
Okay also, this morning we got to go to the temple (visitors center cuz the temple is closed) and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! 

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND ALL OF YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! I have learned SO much in such a small amount of time and I am excited for all that I will learn still. 

con todos mi amor,
Hermana Logan

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