Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week 2 in the CCM

Hola Everyone!

So 2 weeks down! Okay first off Mom and Ron PLEASE keep sending me Dear Elder letters! They print them out so I can keep them and I can read them whenever! Your letter made me cry! And then i was laughing through my tears:) Thank you SO much for sending it to me! I really missed all of you this week and wished you could all be here with me! But anyways, this week was super spiritual! Sundays are jam-packed with AMAZING messages! So here are some of my highlights:

  • In Relief Society we talked about the "Tongue of Angels" in 2 Nephi 31 & 32 and its meaning. The teacher connected it like this T.O.A.- universal language of love- holy ghost(2 Nephi 32:3) - words of Christ. *This was superb because while teaching our first investigator last week she said she had prayed to know if the BOM is true and our church and she felt like it was true and agreed to baptism! I was SO moved! It was like I was being converted all over again! Almost like living through her:)* So then she talked about how if we speak with the universal language of love we would feel the love of Christ for our investigators and thats why we receive so much joy when they finally know its true!

  • We watched a Jeffery R. Holland video which of course was SPOT ON! Please please please look it up! It's his talk at the MTC on Jan, 2013 and he said some impact things:
    • Moroni saw US in our day and the work we would be doing
    • The apostles knew their end was coming and that testifying would be useless because the apostasy was coming but they kept proselyting-why? Because they knew in our day WE would finish the work and we WOULD  NOT FAIL!
    • But we have to be better than them and all the missionaries before us
    • Because this isn't a break from our "real lives" THIS IS REAL LIFE!
    • We may be teenagers but the future is in OUR hands
    • It's called Preach MY Gospel for a reason, we need to preach HIS gospel!
    • In Helaman 5 it says Nephi and Lehi did preach with POWER AND AUTHORITY
    • Like with alma the younger, when the angel came he did cause the earth to quake (Mosiah 27: 11,12,18,19) and they were so ASTONISHED they fell to the earth.
    • ASTONISHED´S root is TONER meaning thunder
    • Go cause an earthquake in someones life- EVEN ASTONISH THEM!

  • Okay this next video CHANGED MY MISSION OUTLOOK FOREVER! type in "missionary work and the atonement" into youtube and watch this AMAZING VIDEO!!! I just summarized my thoughts form it:
    • Many missionaries ask why missionary work is so hard *this was how i had been feeling this past week when teaching because the language barrier is SO hard and frustrating because I can't bear my testimony like I usually do cause I don't know how to express it in Spanish. So our lessons didn't turn out as well as before and I was just pretty down so I was asking the lord for some encouragement and THIS IS WHAT I RECEIVED!!* This work is not easy because salvation has NEVER BEEN A CHEAP EXPERIENCE! Why would you expect it to be easy for you when it was never easy for HIM? And when we suffer we get to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most perfect life this world has ever known. Yes, this work is hard but there is NO other way. Look at Christ's life: It wasn't easy- He even asked if this could be different "Father if thou be willing remove this cup from me." How can we begin to complain when he suffered an eternity more than us yet He went on, He went though with it to the END. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it gets, WE CHOSE TO BE HERE and WE MUST DEEP GOING because we are HIS representatives and HE NEVER QUIT. We are the future because we are the gathering of zion and our job is the MOST IMPORTANT job this world will ever know! 

Anyway this week turned out to be pretty freaking amazing and I love this work even more now! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

con todos mi amor,
Hermana Logan

P.S. Okay so everyone keeps asking about the food, the food here is actually pretty good. Sometimes it's pretty questionable but they always have cereal and a salad/fruit bar. AND THEY USUALLY HAVE WATERMELON!! :))) So yeah it's pretty great... not as  good as Ron's cooking OF COURSE, NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Look at this huge moth!
Me and my companion
Me and my companion when we forgot our umbrellas 
Me with the hermanas I live with 
Trying to recreate the famous Beatles album cover... in Mexico
Forgot my umbrella

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