Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm Here!

Dear Family and friends,
I have arrived safely to the CCM and it is still not completely real lol. This place is amazing and I have made a ton of friends all ready! My flight to Mexico was literlly like half missionaries! It was insane! So far it has just been wonderful and totally great to become friends with everyone! My P-day is on Wed so you won´t hear from me for a week. I realized my camera doesnt have a memory card so I am going to see if they have any here, if not could you guys send me one? Oh, and Mom my passcode to my computer is on my information document on the desktop of our computer. I havent been able to find my companion yet, her name is hermana Jones... but Hermana Balito is my temp comp right now cuz we found each other on the flight and are sticking together! I cant wait to email all of you about my new week and experience so far!! But I only have five min!! It just doesnt feel real at all, but its relaly cool to be totally surrounded by other missionaries! I am now going to unpack and get settled in right now after I email! But I love all of you and this place is literally amazing! Ok, Ill write you in a week!!! Con dios!
Con todos mi amor,
Hermana Logan
P.S.Signing my name like that was super cool and fulfilling! I have been waiting to do that forever hahahaha! Big hugs to everyone!!!!
P.S.S. Sister Lindemann I SAW NATE HERE!!!! Ill send a pic sometime!

Pictures of Ellen at the airport

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