Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 1 Down in Mexico

Hello everyone!!!!

Well I am officially done with week one in the MTC!! Lol. Okay so after we got off of our flight here in Mexico I was so surprised to see how GREEN it is here. I was expecting like total desert hahaha. AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE DRIVING! WE DROVE TO THE CCM FROM THE AIRPORT AND I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE!!!! But we made it here and it's totally beautiful! And yes I found my companion Hermana Jones and she is great! She is from Washington state(tri-city area). She is super fun and all the Elders in our district love her cuz she is like kind of a tom boy. But she has an amazing conversion story about her and her whole family which is awesome!

Ellen and her companera in the pouring rain.
Okay so our district has 7 guys (did have 8 but one of the Elders went home already cuz he just felt totally out of his element and such) and four of us girls and we are all going to the same mission! But the boys are super hard to concentrate around cuz they are pretty rowdy lol. Plus they love to ask Hermana Jones about her life... But we all get along great and its been fun getting to know everyone! The Spanish started out as a real big struggle for me but now I am getting more confident about it and I have felt the power of the gift of tongues already on my mission and I know what my setting apart blessing meant! 

So when they say they keep you busy they MEAN it! Its like so insane how much we do in one day its hard to talk about a whole week in one email! But I thought I would share some highlights!!! 

Okay so we had a really cool devotional about the second shortest scripture in the Bible which is Remember Lots wife. He talked about how it was so important for her to not look behind her like the Lord commanded, but she did. But not even that she looked back longingly etc. He tied it into how we need to leave our past behind us so we can focus on being the best missionaries we can be! Which was pretty cool and impactful to me. 

We also watched a video about John Tanner that was SO good! I didnt know ALL of his story and he was truly a man of pure faith and consecration. He gave literally EVERYTHING he had to keep the gospel and I need to do the same! It was super amazing to feel the spirit so strong during a video!!

Ok, so this is the best part of this whole week. We started teaching and investigator on our second full day here- ALL IN SPANISH. So the first lesson we taught was pretty much all read off our notes and such and it was very impactful. Our second lesson went better but we still werent feeling right about it. So our last lesson we decided we were going to just ask her questions and totally rely on the Spirit and the little spanish we know to do it. I was so impressed to just totally rely on the Spirit and as we were walking over there I was super stoked to do it it was fantastic! 

So we get in there and we just do our best with teaching Andrea and not any lessons. So we invited her to say the opening prayer and then we both started asking her about how she felt when she prayed and we talked about the Spirit and the Atonement. She was almost in tears!!!! Which is quite the change from just reading the whole lesson! After that lesson we both were so giddy with the Spirit and it was AMAZING! I wish I could convey the Spirit that was there. I couldnt understand all that she was saying but it felt right and thats all that matters! Plus we did it all mainly in Spanish! If someone had told me that five days into the mission I would have been doing that I would NOT have believed them! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!! 

So we were challenged to bear our testimony in español to our families so here it goes!

Yo se que La Expacion is verdad y es como nosotros puede ventir con de Dios otra vez. Yo se que Jose Smith es un propheta y El Libro de Mormon is Verdadero. Esta Iglesia es verdadero con todos mi corazon. Yo se que de Dios ama mi y usted. Yo es muy agredecido por de opportunidad a sevir de misional y de poder del Espiritu Santo. En el nombre de jesucristo, Amen! 

I love all of you SOOO much and appreciate your emails they were all super sweet! I hope you will continue to write me and can feel the Spirit through my email! 

Ill talk to you all in a week!!! 

con todos mi amor, 

Hermana Logan 

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